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Venice Immersive, the XR (extended reality) section of the Venice Film Festival, has unveiled its official selection for 2022 with 30 projects in competition.

Six of the projects in the XR competition are from the UK, including Peaky Blinders: The King’s Ransom, a VR spin-off of the hit drama series.

A dark action-adventure VR game that will immerse players in the world of spectacle, Peaky Blinders: The King’s Ransom is produced by British game developer Maze Theory and will launch later this year.

Formerly known as Venice VR Expanded, the competition has been renamed Venice Immersive to include immersive media beyond virtual reality. It now covers 360° videos and XR works of any duration, including installations, live performances and virtual worlds.

Venice was the first A-list festival to launch a competition for virtual reality in 2017, and has since become a top showcase for XR cinema.

In addition to the 30 projects in competition, Venice Immersive will have 10 projects out of competition. The Gallery of Worlds section also returns and will offer a selection of 30 virtual worlds and two special events.

The Venice Immersive jury is made up of Anagram founder May Abdalla, VR filmmaker David Adler and choreographer, director, dancer and actress Blanca Li.

The Official Selection will return as an in-person event to the immersive island of Venice – on the island of Lazzaretto Vecchio – a short distance from Lido di Venezia, for the first time since 2019. The competition took place virtually in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic.

Venice Immersive will open with a press preview on the afternoon of August 30. The judging will be open to the press and accredited industry guests on August 31, then will be open to the public and accredited visitors from September 1-10.

The first VIM – Venice Immersive Market, part of the Venice Production Bridge, will also take place from September 1-6, and there will be a presentation of the immersive projects selected for the Venice Gap-Financing Market (September 1-4).

Programming of the Venice immersive competition

Blockers (fri)
Dir: Jonathan Astruc, Jonathan Tamene

You Will Live, My Son (Greece)
Dir: Victoria Bousis

Volume I Reimagined: Nyssa (WE)
Dir: Julie Cavaliere, Michaela Holland

Met) (fri)
Dir: Mathias Chelebourg

The Man Who Couldn’t Leave (Taipei)
Dir: Chen Singing

All unsaved progress will be lost (fri)
Dir: Melanie Courtinat

Eurydice, A descent to infinity (Netherlands)
Dir: Celine Daemen

Okawaridir (Fr-Can)
Dir: Landia Egal, Amaury Burthe

Dazzle: a reassembly of bodies (UK)
Dir: Ruth Gibson, Bruno Martelli, Alexa Pollmann, Bine Roth

Peaky Blinders: The King’s Ransom (UK)
Dir: Russell Harding, Tim Jones, Marcus Moresby

From the main square (All)
Dir: Pedro Harres

Sorelle’s story (Australia-Hun-Swe)
Dir: Peter Hegedus

egg landscape (arg)
Dir: German Heller, Jorge Tereso, Federico Heller

type man (Japanese)
Dir: Keisuke Itoh

Kinship (UK)
Dir: Bamboo Kenneth

Poet’s room (S.Kor)
Dir: Bomsok Ku

Gumball Dreams (WE)
Dir: Deirdre V. Lyons, Christopher Davis

Namuanki (WE)
Dir: Kevin Mack

Darkening (Cz Rep-All)
Dir: Ondrej Moravec

all that remains (Taipei)
Dir: Quintero Craig

rock Paper Scissors (UK)
Dir: Alex Ruhl

Thank you for sharing your world (Japanese)
Director: Yu Sakudo, Toshiaki Hanzaki

Eternal, Our Lady (fri)
Dir: Bruno Seillier

Framerate: Pulse of the Earth (UK)
Dir: Matthew Shaw, William Trossell

Mrs. Benz: Voyage of Discovery (UK)
Dir: Eloise Singer

strange alley (Afr.S.)
Dir: Rick Treweek

To defend oneself (Fr-US)
Dir: Celine Tricart

Treasure Break (WE)
Dir: Luan Trinh

Mandala – A Brief Moment in Time (China-Fr)
Dir: Thomas Villepoux

red tail (Taipei)
Dir: Wang Fish

Venice Immersive – Out of Competition

The morning you wake up (until the end of the world) (Fr-UK-US)
Dir: Mike Brett, Steve Jamison, Pierre Zandrowicz, Arnaud Colinart,

(Hi)History of a painting: light in the shadows (UK)
Dir: Quentin Darras, Gaelle Mourre

Zone Man Lives (WE)
Dir: Amy Green, Ryan Green

luster (Australia-USA)
Dir: Ryan Griffen

Alex Honnold: The VR Soloist (UK-Fr-US)
Dir: Jonathan Griffith

Space Explorers: The ISS Experience – Episode 3: Unite (Can)
Dir: Felix Lajeunesse, Paul Raphael

Space Explorers: The ISS Experience – Space Walkers (Can)
Dir: Felix Lajeunesse, Paul Raphael

Plant Kingdom with David Attenborough (UK-US)
Dir: Iona Mcewan

The Miracle Basket (Net)
Dir: Abner Preis

Banks of Loci (WE)
Dir: Ellen Utrecht, James Sundra, Dani Bittman, Daisy Berns

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