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With the WWII drama set at the end of 1944, “Silent Night In Algona” (inspired by real events) now opens an audience cast for men, women and children of all ages.

The film, produced by Collective Development Inc. of Lansing, Michigan, is filmed October 31 through November 31. 19 in the Algona, Whittemore and Forest City areas. Filming takes place from Sunday to Friday, Saturday being a public holiday. Individuals should send their interest to: [email protected]

For review, the following information must be included in the email: name, address, phone number and email.

Also send a full length photo (taken with a cell phone) and the dates available for filming.

For children, a parent or guardian must make the submissions. In the event of a casting, persons under the age of 16 must have the talent release form signed by a parent or guardian. The forms will be issued the day an extra starts working.

Many extras are needed for various days (and night shoots) and the producers suggest that people “raid their parents ‘or grandparents’ closets”, thrift stores or elsewhere, to dress as well. as closely as possible in 1944. The outdoor scenes will likely be cold, so coats will also be needed. If people have other coats than what they will be wearing in the film, and they will no longer use them, the production company will donate them to the appropriate local organizations for distribution to those in need.

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“Silent Night In Algona”, whose story takes place between October and Christmas Eve 1944, will be in theaters and on streaming platforms at the end of fall 2022. A first evening will be scheduled for Algona.

“These positions are unpaid,” said manager Anthony Hornus. “However, we treat our Extras with the utmost respect. Crafting services are available all day or night, if that is the case. Extras will be kept in dry, warm areas and the names of all Extras will appear in the end credits of the rolling movie. “

People from anywhere in the region are welcome to submit, he added.

“So for many of you, being in a movie set for global distribution should be an interesting experience to help us tell a great story,” Hornus said. “Help us tell your story of Algona and Kossuth County, as well as several stories from before, when the US military built a German POW camp among you. “

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