Why Steven Spielberg was never the same after directing Jaws

“Jaws” was the source of many horror fans’ nightmares, and even Spielberg himself was not completely immune. It appears that directing one of the world’s most acclaimed thrillers took its toll on the filmmaker, as he once recounted in an interview with Entertainment Weekly in 2016. While touring the grounds of Universal Studios and growing nostalgic, Spielberg revealed that he often comforted himself by sitting alone on the set of “Orca” – the boat used to track the shark in the film.

“I used to go out for a few years after making the movie to get over my PTSD,” Spielberg confessed. “I was working on my own trauma, because it was traumatic. I sat alone in this boat for hours, just working, and I was shaking. My hands were shaking.”

Ouch. Apparently, the overwhelming backstage pressure of “Jaws” would continue to haunt the filmmaker for years to come. However, Spielberg went on to say that he owes his career to the film: “The experience gave me complete freedom for the rest of my career … The success the film enjoyed gave me the final cut. , gave me the chance to tell my own stories. “

While we are grateful to Spielberg for giving fans such an iconic horror for the ages, we hope time has helped his mental scars heal.

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