Why she lies to bind herself

Madeleine Swann’s secret in No time to die is one of the most crucial parts of the whole story. Not only does this provide essential motivation for almost every major protagonist, but it also helps explain the tragic end of the story. However, while the secrecy is undeniably provocative, there are elements that are left for the public to interpret, ultimately making it even more compelling.

Swann herself is a central figure throughout No time to die. The film dives deep into its history, beyond what was already established in the previous film, Spectrum. In the opening moments, a young Madeleine Swann is seen looking after her mother in a secluded cabin, before their home is invaded by a masked abuser – who is later revealed to be the main antagonist, Lyutsifer Safin. Following this flashback, Swann is revealed to be traveling across Italy with James Bond, before associates from the Specter organization eventually track down the pair. Bond’s belief that Swann is responsible for his betrayal is a key factor in his initial retirement and makes the couple’s late reunion an incredibly emotionally resonant moment.

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However, despite the couple’s clear bond, Madeleine Swann spends much of the film lying to the former MI: 6 agent – especially about the nature of his relationship with her daughter. Although it later becomes clear that Swann’s child, Mathilde, is also Bond’s, she initially denies the request. This raises several questions about her motivations, and even if the strong implication on Mathilde’s parentage is really true. Nonetheless, for all the double crosses and misinformation displayed, there may actually be a very good reason why Swann is continually lying to James Bond. Here’s why she seems so determined to keep her secret a secret.

Madeleine Swann’s secret in no time: James Bond has a daughter

No time to die James Bond and Madeleine Swann

Swann’s secret has been the subject of intense speculation throughout No time to die. After the first few moments, during which she and Bond travel to Italy, it is hinted that she may have something left on her relationship with the Specter organization, explaining why Bond feels he has been betrayed. However, it later becomes clear that her oft-mentioned secret is actually a girl who lives with her in the same isolated cabin she grew up in in Norway.

The reveal of Madeleine’s daughter is particularly shocking, given the many references made to her secret by some of the film’s main villains. For example, during his interrogation with Bond, Specter leader Ernst Stavro Blofeld warns that “when its secret finds its way, it will be your death.“Given Bond’s reluctance to trust Swann after the film’s opening moments, the initial suggestion is that the secret is a more explicit connection between her and Safin. As a result, the revelation that she and Bond actually have a girl becomes doubly shocking.

Why Madeleine lies to James Bond about the fact that Mathilde is his daughter

Léa Seydoux as Madeleine Swann in James Bond No Time to Die

Despite the seemingly clear resemblance between Bond and Mathilde, Madeleine at first denies that she is really his daughter. While it may seem confusing at first, there are several reasons why this approach actually makes perfect sense. One clue, for example, comes from the first moments of No time to die, in which Swann is seen interacting with his own mother. It is clear from their relationship that Swann, from an early age, has full responsibility for looking after her parents – feeding her, pouring her wine, and providing her with medicine. It’s almost certain that this had a huge effect on her character and could have made her more determined to protect her own daughter in ways that her own mother failed to do. This could explain why, at least at the beginning, she doesn’t want to complicate an already delicate situation too much by introducing her daughter to a father figure who has so far been absent.

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It could also be that after the events of the previous years, Swann has yet to fully regain his confidence in Bond. After all, when the British spy felt she had already betrayed him, he didn’t hesitate to put her on a train the day after an intense shooting. Naturally, then, she may have her own reluctance to trust Bond with full knowledge of the most precious thing in her life.

A third explanation could be that his initial refusal was calculated as a way to protect Bond himself. Given the danger the couple find themselves in, Swann may have thought that the best way to keep Bond focused on the work at hand was to keep him in the dark about Mathilde’s true parentage. That way he could – as Judi Dench’s M explained in the 2006s Casino Royale – judge the situation “completely passionless“- making him a more effective field agent and therefore more likely to keep Madeleine and Mathilde to safety. Given Bond’s ruthless actions during the film’s dramatic climax, it is reasonable to suggest that this policy has paid off .

How having a daughter changes James Bond


While Bond’s true relationship with Mathilde is only confirmed in the film’s final moments, her presence and suspicion nonetheless have a fundamental impact on her character and demeanor. This change is perhaps most evident over the course of No time to die heartbreaking end, in which Bond sacrifices himself to succeed in destroying Safin’s facility. However, while Bond’s actions are undoubtedly heroic, one could argue that things would have turned out differently if he hadn’t been aware of his connection to Mathilde.

A key moment at the end of the film comes when a smitten Safin injects Bond with nanobots programmed to kill both Madeleine Swann and anyone related to her. Of course, this includes Mathilde. Despite several pleas for Q’s help, it quickly becomes clear that there is no cure for this disease, which means that if Bond approaches Madeleine or her daughter, he will kill them. Likewise, because nanobots have spread through human contact, it is inevitable that they will eventually find their way to his family. Therefore, the only way to really keep Madeleine and Mathilde safe is for Bond to sacrifice himself in the end.

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Without the existence of his daughter, it may well be that Bond has come to a different conclusion about the need to kill himself. After all, throughout the entire James Bond saga, the famous secret agent escaped many situations that seemed infinitely more desperate than his fate in No time to die. Therefore, it seems likely that his daughter’s existence (despite Madeleine Swann’s denials) may have been the crucial factor in persuading him to take the ultimate step. Not only does it provide an extra layer of storytelling, but it also seems like the introduction of a girl is what makes No time to die such a definitive end to the Craig-Bond era.

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