Why fans think Alina Kasha caught the cat Caleb Greenwood

Caleb Greenwood was shocked to see Alina Kasha for the first time. His reaction made 90 Day Fiancé fans think that Alina might have caught him with a cat.

After watching the first episodes of 90 day fiancé: before 90 days season 5, many viewers believe Alina Kasha may have played down her disability because she didn’t want to lose Caleb Greenwood. Russian Alina and Arizona man Caleb recently made their TLC series debut and featured their romance. The couple first met on social media and have become great friends over the years. After losing contact for a while, the couple reconnected three years ago. Right now, new 90 day fiancé stars Caleb and Alina are together in Turkey to see if they can take their online relationship to the next level.


Alina suffers from a rare condition called diastrophic dysplasia, and Caleb has never dated a person with a disability. Unfortunately, the size difference made the couple’s first meeting more embarrassing than romantic. The 28-year-old reality TV star said Alina looked smaller than he had imagined. He also appeared tired and annoyed taking care of his girlfriend and his wheelchair. Many 90 day fiancé viewers were shocked to see Caleb erase Alina’s emotions after reaching the hotel. When the 27-year-old needed affection from her boyfriend, it gave her a cold shoulder.

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Given how shocked Caleb looked after seeing Alina for the first time and the fact that his feelings for her had changed so drastically, many 90 day fiancé fans believe he may have been trapped. These viewers believe Alina may have fished Caleb and downplayed his condition to make him love him. One fan said (via Reddit), “Alina’s photos are bordering on cat fishing as they only show her from the waist up.“Another intervened,”She downplayed the help and accommodation she would need because she didn’t want to scare him.

A few fans also argued that since Russian singer and model Alina wasn’t entirely honest about her disability, she worried about Caleb’s reaction to meeting her. Another 90 day fiancé fan mentioned, “She is in desperate need of love and attention and has glossed over some aspects of her life to attract Caleb. “It’s possible that Alina wants to impress Caleb, and that’s why she didn’t dwell on her condition. Instead, she potentially only shared the most glamorous parts of her life. together, a lot of people do this when pursuing a new love interest.

It’s also possible that Caleb and Alina are having communication issues. They’ve apparently been friends for 13 years, but Caleb didn’t know what Alina really looked like. It is confusing for viewers to see Caleb’s reaction as he had no idea how small Alina was. Didn’t he know what 3 feet tall meant, or did he never ask for photos or videos of his entire body? Hopefully the next episodes of 90 day fiancé: before 90 days will shed more light on whether Alina was cat fishing or whether Caleb was completely unconscious.

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