Why a beached barge became a popular photo spot in Vancouver

Every local media latched onto the barge story. In December there were requests on social media to decorate the houseboat with Christmas lights (this did not happen). Memes, like the barge pictured as Vancouver’s next luxury condo building — a dig into the city’s notoriously unaffordable housing market, are circulating in droves on social media. There is even a popular barge parody twitter account.

“In Vancouver, we have a unique sense of humor, a unique sense of levity, if you will,” said Donnie Rosa, CEO of the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation.

In fact, the Park Board, which in 2014 approved the renaming of “Guelph Park” in trendy Mount Pleasant, just south of downtown, to “Dude Chilling Park”, in honor of an art sculpture that looked like, well, a chilling dude, saw a similar opportunity with the houseboat. On December 15, exactly one month after the barge ran aground in English Bay, the council erected a temporary “Barge Chilling Beach” sign.

“It’s been a tough year, why not bring some joy to this holiday season?” said Max. Rosa, who is non-binary, noting that the temporary panel costs less than a few hundred dollars. “The amount of joy it has brought, I think is money well spent.”

“I didn’t expect to see a sign, which I found quite humorous,” Mr Simon said. “It’s a perfect Instagram-worthy shot.”

And really, if it’s not on Instagram, then it never happened, did it?

“I saw stories about the barge on social media and that’s how I knew I wanted to go,” said Jasnoor Kaur, a young woman from Winnipeg, Manitoba, visiting her home. boyfriend, Ram Binner, who lives in a nearby suburb of Vancouver. .

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