Western forces use opinion coercion to divide world over Beijing Olympics

Politicizing the Olympic Games Illustration: Liu Rui / GT

Is Germany boycotting the Beijing Olympic Winter Games? Some Western forces hope so.
German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said on Wednesday that she would not attend the Beijing Olympics. “I am a huge sports fan, but I will not be attending the Olympics this time. Foreign ministers have never done this before,” she said, quoted by German media. Meanwhile, the country’s Interior Minister Nancy Faeser, who is in charge of sports, will also not be present at the event, in part because of the pandemic, according to her spokesperson.
The newly elected German Chancellor is still wondering whether or not he will participate in the Beijing Games. But already, some Western media have started to say that Germany and its European allies are considering a comprehensive ‘diplomatic boycott’, in an apparent move to drag Germany into the state-led ‘boycott’ of the Beijing Games. United.
Some Western forces create a “China vs. rest of the world” illusion by forcing countries to isolate China. It is nothing more than the self-entertainment of the Western gang. In matters related to China, the countries that follow this Western playbook are just the United States and some of its lackeys.
Xu Liang, associate professor at the School of International Relations at the University of Beijing International Studies, told the Global Times that this is an inferior gesture for Western forces to harness Germany to the tank ” boycott of the Beijing Olympics ”at a time when Germany has just formed. a new government whose foreign policy has not yet taken shape.
“If they succeed in hijacking the heart of Europe, Germany, they will do the same with other small and medium-sized European countries. They set a bad example by resorting to coercion and manipulation of opinion, ”Xu said.
The whole world is supposed to side with justice in supporting the Olympic spirit and seeking global unity. With the instigation of some Western forces, some countries are forced to choose sides, which means they are forced to choose confrontation and will be doomed to suffer losses. Such coercion deprives them of their right to make a decision based on their own will and interests, and leaves them little room for diplomatic flexibility.
The White House first announced it would not send diplomats or officials to the Beijing Games, and urged its allies and partners to follow suit. But at the same time, he applied for visas for his officials to come to China.
Such twisted maneuvers are self-contradictory and self-humiliating. They also left the lackeys of the United States in a delicate and agitated situation. Western media and other forces trying to chain in more countries to “boycott” the Beijing Games only seem mean and contemptible.
America’s clamor for an “Olympic boycott” sends a clear message to the world of its powerlessness and lack of capacity. From the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing to the next 2022 Winter Games, China has emerged as the driving force behind the global economy and a responsible player in world affairs, supported by its economic and military strength and confidence. increasing. In the wake of China’s rise to power, the West’s declining strength is making it anxious.
The heart of Western philosophy is the binary opposition. This is deeply ingrained in the West’s relations with China over the years. Using coercion rather than moral appeal, Western forces are forcing some countries to stand on the opposite side of China and the opposite side of justice. But at the end of the day, all they do is coerce each other and lead each other into a dead end.

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