Warner Bros. Entertainment to film documentary series on German women’s football team

The German Football Association (DFB), in partnership with Warner Bros. Entertainment, is producing a six-part documentary series about its national football team with the aim of “shining a light” on women’s football. Each episode will be one hour long and will focus on the Nationallf (National Eleven) and its players.

With a release slated for 2022 or 2023, the filmmakers will follow the team, two-time female world champion, eight-time European champion and Olympic gold medalist in 2016, at least until the end of the final of the l ‘Women’s Euro next summer in England, with a decision on where the series will end based on the team’s progress at the championships.

Although the producers claim that the series will be a “world first” in terms of mapping the fortunes of an international women’s team, recent similar documentaries have been released from the women’s clubs side. In 2018, Curious Films shot a blockbuster ten-part series, Britain’s youngest football boss, centered on the West Ham United women’s team which eventually aired on the country’s flagship channel, BBC One, and returned for a six-part second series, Squadruple goals, the following season. In Spain, Exile Content and Newtral have teamed up to shoot a four-part series, A Sueño Real, on the Real Madrid women’s team which aired on HBO España.

The film crew first visited the team in February 2021 to build a trusting relationship with the players before they started filming during the next international break in April. Warner Bros insists that “there is no script, no rehearsals and no fake stories – the main point of the series is to tell the authentic story of the protagonists.”

National team goalkeeper Merle Frohms says “It’s a brilliant project. We were super excited when we found out what the team had planned. crew”.

Series director and producer Martina Hänsel promises the show will not just focus on the disparities between men’s and women’s football, but will aim to be more “confident”. “Our theme is more than football. It will not only show sports developments but also the daily life of the players and their dual careers as internationals and club players. The life of the protagonists will be shown in an authentic way.”

The players will be filmed with the national team, but scenes will also be filmed with their club teams and in a private setting such as the players’ recent visit to the Volkswagen factory in Dresden. Frohms, 26, admitted that he had to overcome some initial reservations about being in front of the camera. “I was a little skeptical at first, when Martina came to me and asked if we could film something involving my movement and dance rhythms, but I accepted the challenge and it also became clear that ‘there was no pressure. Everything was really relaxed.

“It was agreed from the start, however, that no one should be forced into anything. No one said they wanted any part of it. There was also no one who feared anything. internal going out or being misinterpreted. There are a few players who are not afraid of the camera, like Laura Freigang or Sara Doorsoun. It will be really interesting to see who becomes more open as the shoot goes on and plays then a bigger role on the screen “.

Despite plans to follow the team to a major league next summer, Frohms doesn’t think the presence of the production team increases the team’s expectations to make the headlines on the pitch. “It’s good that a film crew is accompanying us, but it was also said from the start that this was not meant to create additional pressure or that we have to take the trophy home to increase sales. The series should be about the team rather than the European Championships – regardless of what happens at the Euro.

Hänsel believes that following one of the best national teams in the world on a year-long trip is enough attraction to market the show to an audience increasingly eager to experience the lives of female footballers. . “This team and these players have a lot of stories to tell. There will be a lot of marketing for the show – his goal in this regard is to get as much publicity as possible.

German head coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg admitted that “we saw the first trailer (of the series) and had tears in our eyes. We are happy with this great project”.

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