Turkish-Ukrainian film wins Germany’s special award

Directed by Marina R. Gorbach and Mehmet Bahadir Er, the Ukrainian-Turkish co-production “Klondike” received the special award at the 21st German Film Peace Prize – The Bridge.

Organized by the Bernard Weiche Memorial Fund and awarded to outstanding filmmakers since 2002, the German Film Prize for Peace – The Bridge stands for peace and understanding between nations and the immunity of human dignity. The prize Awarded to German and international films that stand out Both for their artistic vision and for the human and political dimension they convey.

The award ceremony for the twenty-first session was held at the Kovelis Theater in Munich on June 21 with the audience aside. a total of 60 symbolic awards were given to selected filmmakers from various countries around the world.

The festival jury awarded the special prize The “Klondike” jury describes the effects of war in its most human form. The film is worthy of the prize for the sensitive management of a family drama in the midst of an unjust and controlling hellish machine of destruction and achieving success with poetic imagery. The festival jury also confirmed that Gorbach had made an outstanding film with universal value, saying: “The film takes us down an inevitable desperate and sad path leading to catastrophe, brutality and the devastation of war. He. She shows people as they are stripped of their humanity.

“Klondike”, director Gorbach’s first feature film, won awards at major festivals around the world such as the Sundance Film Festival and the Berlin Film Festival. The film You will continue to share at various special festivals in Germany in the coming months.

Produced by the Ukrainian State Film Agency, the General Directorate of Cinema of the Turkish Ministry of Culture, Tourism and TRT 12 Punto, “Klondike” focus on The story of a pregnant woman living on the Ukrainian- Russian who refuses to leave her home despite the siege of her village by separatist groups. He brings the projection of an airplane in Ukraine on July 17, 2014, to the big monitor.

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