Top 9 Tri-State Hot Dog Joints to Celebrate

CINCINNATI — July 20 marks National Hot Dog Day. Whether you prefer to enjoy them in a baseball stadium while watching the Reds or around the pool at a family barbecue, hot dogs are an American classic. Here are the nine best places around the Tri-State where you can enjoy a hot dog to celebrate the day:


The Senate – run by chef Daniel Wright – has been offering gourmet hot dogs at Blue Ash since 2017. Prior to the Blue Ash site, Wright also ran a Senate site in Over-the-Rhine, which opened in 2010 , among its other restaurants and eateries. The restaurant offers an array of fine hot dogs, including a Trailer Park Dog (topped with bacon, American cheese, coleslaw and crushed Grippos) to a Lindsay Lohan Dog (topped with goat cheese, onions caramelized, bacon, arugula and balsamic vinegar). There is also always a hot dog of the day to enjoy.

OTR Lucky Dog

Tucked away on Main Street at OTR, Lucky Dog OTR is the perfect place to stop for a quick hot dog. The restaurant serves traditional Cincinnati-style chili dogs, but can also do a Lucky Dog, which is an all-beef hot dog served on a steamed bun with your choice of toppings. Besides the more traditional hot dogs, customers can also request a hot item with a Queen City sausage.

The Root Beer booth

Although obviously known for its root beer, The Root Beer Stand in Sharonville opened as the A&W Root Beer Stand in 1957. In 1982 the A&W brand expired but the stand still serves root beer and hot dogs. Customers can opt for regular hot dogs, chili dogs, or the stand’s famous Timmy Dog, which features chili, cheese, onions, mustard, hot sauce, ketchup, relish, coleslaw and kraut.

Cincinnati-Chile Restaurants

We love our chili in Cincinnati, and nothing goes better with a hot dog, bun, and cheese to make a chili dog or a coney. Skyline Chili and Gold Star Chili are the go-to places for coneys, but there are also smaller restaurants like Dixie Chili and Price Hill Chili that serve quality coney.


Bringing back to Germany’s classic wursts, Hofbrauhaus in Newport offers a range of traditional German “hot dogs” that you can sample – although they are not enjoyed in buns but rather on a plate with sauerkraut. Customers can also pair their wursts with a traditional German beer like Dunkel or Hefeweizen for an authentic Bavarian experience.

Mr. Gene’s Dog House

With over 60 years of fun with dogs, Mr. Gene’s Dog House offers a simple yet tasty variety of hot dogs for customers. You can choose between a chili dog, a chili cheese mett, a slaw dog, a reuben dog, a chicago dog or an Italian sausage sandwich. The good thing is that no matter what you choose, all of Mr. Gene’s hot dogs ring in at $4.25 per hot dog, making for an inexpensive and delicious meal.

Creamy Putz Whip

Serving both hot dogs and creamy whip, Putz’s Creamy Whip has been a mainstay in the tri-state area since the Depression era. The classic creamy whip shop is known for its ice cream, but it also serves delicious footlongs, hot dogs, cones and more to its customers. With all of its hot dog options under $5, Putz’s is a great stop for those trying to save a buck or two — and it’s a great place for families, too.

Chicago Gyros and Dogs

There’s something so perfect about a Chicago dog, and while other restaurants on this list offer it, none seem to match Chicago Gyros & Dogs. The restaurant offers over 10 different hot dog options, but all have an all-beef Viennese hot dog and a poppyseed bun base. Customers can also turn their hot dogs into a combo with fries and a drink for an additional $4.50.

Eli’s BBQ

There’s nothing more classic than two all-beef hot dogs, and that’s exactly what Eli’s BBQ offers its customers. For $7, the tasty franks come with gravy, coleslaw and pork chips in addition to hot dogs. For those who don’t feel up to beef hot dogs, Eli’s also offers barbecue options, including ribs, wings, and pulled pork.

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