Tom Selleck and his wife Jillie Mack Love story: Yin and Yang

Tom Selleck and his wife Jillie Mack are now living their best lives surrounded by nature and animals on their 65-acre ranch in Hidden Valley, California. And probably one of the secret ingredients of their three-decade marriage is that the Hollywood actor always makes sure to get up before his wife to turn on the kettle. According to him, that way, when she got up, she would already have hot water for her morning tea. And like a quote says, “Gestures in love are incomparably more attractive, effective and precious than words.”

So, let’s go back in time to 1983, when the couple first met and one of the biggest love stories in the industry began.

First chapter: the lady’s first step

Before Tom Selleck met the yin of his yang, Jillie Mack, he was first married to model Jacqueline Ray. The couple met on the set of their hit series Magnum, PI, where he played the main character Thomas Magnum. The romance between the two quickly blossomed, and they tied the knot on May 15, 1971. But after eleven years together under scrutiny, they finally broke up.

So when he found love again, he made sure to fiercely protect it.

It was in 1983. Selleck was shooting for his film Weary in the cold West End of London when his crew members took him to the production of Cats. There, he met 25-year-old Jillie Mack, who was playing the role of Rumpleteazer, and she definitely caught the actor’s attention. In an interview with Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa, Selleck shared that he thinks she looks good in a leotard, although to him she has too much of a personality.

But despite being one of the most sought-after actors of his time, he had never been a ladies’ man. He said that with women he was always a little shy and wasn’t very self-confident. Luckily, Jillie took the first step and took the first step in their relationship. She had to take the stage at the time, and he was still struggling when she finally asked him if he wanted to meet for a cocktail.

And that was it. The two hit it off and started dating. When Mack finished his contract with Cats, she moved to Hawaii, where Selleck was filming. And soon enough, they started to appear together – awards shows at Tom’s Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Who is Tom Selleck’s wife, Jillie Mack?

Tom Selleck’s wife, Jillie Joan Mack, was born on December 25, 1957 in Devizes, Wiltshire, England. She was born into a middle class family, but other than that there is hardly any information about them. At a very young age, she developed an interest in dance and her parents enrolled her in dance lessons. Then from dancing, she became an actress. By the time she graduated from high school, she had already done many theatrical productions and pursued it all the way to college.

His breakthrough came with his appearance in the theatrical production of Cats in London. But not only was the show a success, but also a success in her love life as it was there that she met her husband, Tom Selleck. After Cats, she moved to the United States, where she made her television debut in the CBS action drama series Magnum, PI.

Apart from that, she also played the main character Joanie in Silverfox, along with actor James Coburn. She also made a few appearances in the hit series Frasier, ER, Tales from the Dark Side, and Adventures of Nicolas at Camp Roaring, to only cite a few. Although Tom Selleck’s wife didn’t have much success in the entertainment circuit as an actress, she still earned a net worth of $ 10 million.

Chapter Two: The Secret Marriage

The couple got married on August 7, 1987 in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, hosted by Selleck’s brother Bob. But the interesting part of the secret wedding was that they dressed up as Tom Jenkins and Suzie Mark, and the minister didn’t know their true identities until they recited their vows.

The wedding was very simple and low key. The two men arrived at the scene dressed in casual clothes and simply put on their wedding attire. Then they entered the Victorian-style chapel and exchanged vows in a double-ringing ceremony attended only by their families. The actor also only had Polaroid photos of the wedding so the negatives could not be leaked to the media.

Over a year later, on December 16, 1988, the couple welcomed their first and only child, Hannah Margaret Selleck. That same year, Selleck also bought his 65-acre ranch after filming the final episodes of Magnum, PI. According to Tom Selleck’s wife Jillie, Tom knew he had to redeem his anonymity and replenish his soul, and the ranch was the perfect way to do that.

Third chapter: the controversy

Weddings have their ups and downs. In 2015, the couple probably experienced one of their challenges. At the time, there was a water crisis and communities had to reduce their water consumption by 25%. Their ranch with all those avocado trees needed a lot of water, and they found themselves chased by a utility company after allegedly stealing trucks full of water from a nearby community’s fire hydrant for two years. . However, no criminal charges were laid when the two sides reached a settlement.

Tom Selleck and his wife Jillie Mack got away with it and have now been married for 33 years!

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