The Most Expensive Movie Netflix Has Ever Made Is Being Slammed By Critics

Netflix’s most expensive movie ever made is being wildly roasted by film critics.

The gray man was directed by The Russo Brothers, of Marvel Cinematic Universe fame, and had a star-studded cast.

Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans were joined by Regé-Jean Page, Knives out star Ana de Armas and Billy Bob Thornton.

The film cost $200 million to bring to life and it centers on CIA agent Court Gentry (Gosling), codenamed Sierra Six, as he uncovers something dark about his organization.

This revelation brings in Lloyd Hudson (Evans), the ruthless assassin who will stop at nothing to take down Gentry before he goes public with his secret.

Although it has everything it takes to be a Hollywood blockbuster, it seems that movie pundits don’t like it very much.

The overall site’s critical consensus says the “entertaining action thriller” is “filled with lukewarm leftovers from much better movies.” Ouch.

David Fear of Rolling Stone wrote of the film: “The gray man wants to remind you of what an old-fashioned dopamine dump these types of entertainment are, and it has what seems like the necessary ingredients to do just that. Which, to be honest, only makes you wish it was tighter, tighter, harder, better.”

Danny Leigh of the Financial Times added: “The gray man is not a bad movie, just a movie deliberately stripped of substance or even dramatic tension.”

While Barry Hertz of The Globe and Mail said, “It’s a thriller made by people who know what great thrillers can do, but without the ability to make one themselves.”

Credit: Netflix

There were several reviews stating The gray man is a pretty decent movie if you want easy entertainment, Evans and Gosling one-liners, and an “expensive” aesthetic.

The main gripe seems to be that little is behind all the glitz and glamor of the film and the cast.

When Joe and Anthony Russo signed on to direct Netflix’s most expensive film, many expected it to be entertaining.

With credits like Infinity War and End of Gameyou know these guys can create a memorable action sequence.

The gray man will be in theaters for a short time before hitting Netflix on July 22.

While it might make sense to anticipate this film as the first of many Gray Man adventures, the Hollywood Reporter’s review seems to suggest that the film doesn’t set that expectation.

“Letting this be a standalone adventure can be artistically wise,” the outlet wrote.

“And with all the belt-tightening and revenue-seeking going on at Netflix, saying no to a crazy, expensive sequel might not even offend the artists involved.”

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