The Letters: Marian & Orpheus: A Love Story

The Letters: Marian & Orpheus: A Love Story

A performance of The Letters: Marian & Orpheus: A Love Story will take place at the Penn Museum on Sunday, February 13 from 4-5:30 p.m.

As the first black woman to perform with the New York Metropolitan Opera in 1955, revolutionary contralto Marian Anderson became an iconic figure in the civil rights struggle. Documenting her 70-year dating with her husband, famed African-American architect Orpheus “King” Fisher, Letters is a dramatic reading of their enchanting love letters. The National Marian Anderson Museum & Historical Society is co-hosting this performance telling one of the greatest romantic stories of all time.

Letters stars award-winning stage and film actor Brian Anthony Wilson as Orpheus “King” Fisher and soprano Jillian Patricia Pirtle as Marian Anderson. Classic love tunes (solo vocal performances) will accompany this reading experience. Attendees will also be entitled to music from the Marian Anderson Historical Society Scholars Program.

Ticket price includes same-day museum admission from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. to enjoy collections from around the world, as well as The Stories We Wear, a new exhibit that highlights a stunning merlot velvet dress worn by Marian Anderson throughout her career. career. On loan from the National Marian Anderson Museum & Historical Society, the dress is one of 250 notable objects illustrating 2,500 years of style, making archeology and anthropology more accessible through fashion.

After the performance in the historic Harrison Auditorium, supporters and guests with reception tickets can enjoy a private wine and dessert reception with the artists in the Sphinx Gallery.

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