The adaptation of ‘Mothering Sunday’ opens April 15 at the Ross | Nebraska today

“Mothers Day,” a film adaptation of Graham Swift’s acclaimed novel of the same name, opens April 15 at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center. Continuing to show is “Great Freedom”.

With Odessa Young and Josh O’COnnor in the lead roles, “Mothering Sunday” is a romantic drama set in the aftermath of World War I. The film is anchored on a single day in the life of Jane Fairchild (Young), an orphan maid. This day – a warm Mother’s Day in 1924 – allows Fairchild to spend time with her lover, Paul, who is due to celebrate his engagement to Emma Hobday.

Later in life, Fairchild becomes a writer and marries Donald, a philosopher she met while working in a bookstore. One day, he asks her how she became a writer and she lists three things including the third, this Mother’s Day with Paul, which she keeps to herself.

The story is ultimately about storytelling and what drives someone to become a writer.

“Mothering Sunday,” which is rated R for graphic nudity, some language and sexual content, runs at the Ross through April 28.

“Great Freedom” draws inspiration from past injustices to present a beautifully crafted tribute to the persistence of the human spirit.

Production takes place in Germany after the end of the World War II. Hans (Franz Rogowski) has been convicted of being gay, which the government considers a crime.

Under the 19th century German penal code known as Paragraph 175, homosexuality is grounds for imprisonment and Hans – over the course of several decades – is repeatedly spied on and imprisoned solely for his sexuality. As he returns to prison, again and again, Hans develops an increasingly close relationship with his cellmate Viktor (Georg Friedrich), a life-sentenced murderer. As their charged relationship blossoms over time into something much more tender, the film explores love and wasted time.

Directed by Sebastian Meise, “Great Freedom” is unrated. This can be seen until April 21.

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