Spy x Family closing theme and how it explains Anya’s story

The Spring 2022 Hit Anime Spy x Family hooked fans for many reasons. Not only is the story of a makeshift family between a spy, an assassin, and an esper entertaining, but the anime features both a catchy opening and ending. The opening song, “Mixed Nuts” by Official Hige Dandism, is fast-paced and features piano, drums and guitar. The jazzy feel of the song mimics the intense nature of the show.

The ending song “Comedy,” written by Gen Hoshino, is softer in comparison, and the instruments sound noticeably less intense. This accompanies the relaxed nature of the final video which shows Anya going through life with her family. Looking closer at the lyrics, the song reveals Anya’s true feelings and love for Yor and Loid.

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Spy x Family Ending Theme: Verse 1

fight against each other

‘Til almost everything was in ruins

On this mischievous planet

I’ve been a stranger since the day I was born

My tears have dried up

The place I return to is in my dreams

Spy x FamilyThe closing theme begins with Anya’s memories of the orphanage. Franky said she was adopted and returned four different times, while Anya was also transferred from two orphanages. So far, the anime hasn’t revealed much about Anya’s past, her birth parents, or how she ended up in the orphanage, but a few flashbacks show her in a lab.

Anya hates studying and her flashbacks reveal that scientists had special study periods. Perhaps this study meant times when she had to train her telepathic powers. When Anya cried, the scientists told her that she “didn’t have time for tears.” In the fifth line of the song, Anya cried so much that she ran out of tears. She always felt like an outsider because of her powers and kept them a secret out of fear.

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Verse 2

I met you where I left

You with all your secrets

pretend to be normal

I had given up looking for a place where I belong

Only to find out I had to make one for myself all along

The second verse refers to when Anya met Loid and he adopted her. When they first met, Anya read Loid’s mind and realized he was a spy. Upon learning this secret, she made sure he would adopt her because of the excitement of having a spy for a father.

Although Anya is aware of Loid and Yor’s true identities, she loves her family, even when they make up bad lies to explain their strange behaviors. The last line of the verse explains that with her new family, though it may be wrong for Loid’s mission, Anya has finally found a sense of belonging. Her parents accept her as she is despite the trouble she can cause them.

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We made a deal that day

thicker than blood

A heart-to-heart pact

The pre-chorus is a short phrase that references the new Forger family. When Anya was adopted, she officially became Anya Forger. For her, being accepted into a family was much thicker than blood. With how many times she had been adopted and sent away, she had lost hope, as mentioned in the first verse, that she would ever find a place where she belonged.

Loid finally broke that cycle. Although he only adopted it for his mission, various authorities in Spy x Family show how much he cares for her. He played with his game and rented a castle to encourage him to go to school. Yor treats Anya like his own daughter and defends her at the grocery store when thugs try to take her.

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Shall we hold hands and go home?

What should we eat tonight?

“Here’s what happened today”

That’s what I wanted to talk to you about

Every day is

A comedy with you

Dancing on a squeaky bed

roll around laughing

We will continue our ridiculous daily

The choir of Spy x FamilyThe closing theme of sums up how Anya sees her life with Loid and Yor. Every day with the spy and the assassin is a comedy for her. She wants to hold their hand, tell them about her day and laugh together while jumping on the bed. These lines are reflected in the ending sequence, where Anya dances with her parents as they go about their day before finally tucking her in for bed.

The last line of “we’ll continue our ridiculous daily lives” says that while the Forger family may not be perfect, they’re always there for each other. Anya loves her parents and the life they created together.

The ending theme lyrics help reveal Anya’s love for her family. It’s also a reflection of herself and how lonely she felt before she met them. The sad lines of loneliness and isolation eventually turn into joy and excitement. The ending song helps showcase “family” and what it means to be one from Anya’s perspective.

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