Sony snags Turkish and Korean remake rights to ‘Mama Se Fue De Viaje’ – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Sony Pictures International Productions (SPIP) set to remake Ariel Winograd’s Argentinian comedy Mama Se Fue De Viaje (Ten days without mom) in Turkey and South Korea.

The local-language production arm of Sony Pictures Entertainment Motion Picture Group has tapped FilmSharks subsidiary The Remake Co. for the rights, after remaking the 2017 title in Spain.

The comedy follows Víctor and Vera Garbor, married for 20 years and fathers of four children. Absorbed in his work, Víctor largely ignores his wife and children until Vera, overwhelmed with domestic life, decides to take a vacation away from her family. There the problems begin.

In Spain, the film was remade was Padre No Hay Más Que Uno (Father there is only one) under the direction of Santiago Segura and spawned two sequels. The original film cost $15.8 million, while the second made $15.3 million and the third is set to hit theaters on July 15. SPIP also owns the German remake rights to the film.

“This property has universal appeal, as already demonstrated by our great success with the Padre No Hay Más Que Uno franchise in Spain. Localizing this story for Turkey and Korea has the potential to become a beloved franchise in both countries,” said Michael Rifkin, Co-Head of Sony Pictures International Productions.

In Argentina, the comedy of Winograd (It’s not cheating, Nope Kids) and with Diego Peretti (No children) and Carla Peterson (2 + 2), debuted in 2017 via Buena Vista International and became the country’s top film of the year with 1.7 million ticket sales.

“We are happy to continue working with our friends at Sony Pictures International Productions, a team that has made us feel like home as we have collaborated on multiple deals and productions over the years,” said Guido Rud, CEO and Founder. by FilmSharks. .

SPIP, co-directed by Rifkin and Shebnem Askin, releases around thirty films a year in 12 territories.

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