SOMEWHERE IN MONTANA: Jonathan Stoddard in the casting of the next drama

Jonathan Stoddard joins the cast of Somewhere In Montana

Brandon Smith brings Jonathan Stoddard into the fold of Somewhere in Montana.


Stoddard is very busy these days. He brings his grizzled beauty to this upcoming dramatic project. Somewhere in Montana is exactly that, a drama in which a rancher in Big Sky Country makes the desperate decision to rent his land for a movie shoot.

Visionary director Fabian arrives with the film crew. Breeder John Thomas finds the frenetic activity more than an imposition. He has a feeling that he might have had the end of the matter.

The fact that Montana resident Smith knows the lay of the land adds to the authenticity of the project. In addition, its casting is close to perfection. He couldn’t have found a better match for rudimentary breeder John Thomas than Graham McTavish. This Scottish actor, among his dramatic roles, played Bilbo’s sidekick Dwalin in Tolkien’s Hobbit trilogy. Local Montana resident Douglas ‘Hurricane’ Hall joins the company as Dave, presumably playing a role on a ranch.

Essentially, this contrast of cultures has its built-in conflicts, in terms of logistics and personalities. In this sense, the casting of Jonathan Stoddard has a particular advantage. His scruffiness reflects with equal authenticity the lifestyle of a ranch or Hollywood avant-garde. Plus, her versatility goes far beyond acting in genres ranging from romance to dark comedies. Like McTavish, Stoddard also brings considerable experience as a producer and assistant director.

The cast also includes expertly trained singer-turned-actor Matt Drago as Fabian. Kayleigh Macchio plays Laney, a possible love interest and potential source of emotional turmoil. Aside from the organized pandemonium associated with any film project, the plot is well circumscribed and certainly familiar to this group of professionals. Therefore, the central conflict is presumed to be the interpersonal relations between the landed gentry and the crew.

The synopsis for Somewhere in Montana reveals a tantalizing overabundance of possibilities. Brandon Smith’s provocative story can go anywhere – comedy, tragedy or bittersweet. It carries the potential for any combination of traditional themes, with “fish out of water” and “rags to riches” among the most obvious. Also, by virtue of experience, each cast member could fit into either camp, maybe even both.

This is Brandon Smith’s third foray into writing for the screen – an adaptation of Anabella Smith’s story, Nexus of Evil, and a short, Sand + Box. But after all, his region is also his native land. These factors, along with the array of veteran artists he brings to the table, have all the hallmarks of a memorable project.

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