Sivakumarin Sabadham is a drama that is meant to be a comedy

Synopsis of the movie Sivakumarin Sabadham: A young man from a family of weavers vows to restore it to its former glory by confronting a textile tycoon.

Sivakumarin Sabadham Movie Review: Four films later, it’s clear that Hiphop Tamizha’s films are quickly becoming a genre in their own right – you could call them post-YouTube movies. These are films that talk about moments. Scenes never last longer than a few minutes and you aren’t supposed to expect a smooth transition from scene to scene. If there is a moment when a character collapses, the next scene won’t necessarily advance that emotion. Instead, we’ll get something lighter. The emphasis is clearly on not letting the audience linger too long. Plus, these little moments can work like viral content on social media. Thus, the emphasis is more on narrative impetus than characterization and story arcs. Keeping things moving seems to be the mantra behind the writing, which involves taking a specific backdrop (indie music in Meesaya Murukku, hockey in Natpe Thunai, weaving here), offering scenes that are minor variations of what we’ve seen in other movies (a neglected child doing crazy things to get his parents’ attention, a spoiled husband ultimately “putting his wife in her shoes”), including half a dozen songs and making sure things don’t get too heavy. You can also see it in the shoot and the performances. The performances are relaxed but inconsistent, and the filming is quick but not forceful. Ultimately, our reaction to these films is momentary pleasure or simple indifference. It’s hard to really love them or absolutely hate them.

This is also the case with Sivakumarin Sabadham. Sivakumar (Hiphop Adhi) is raised by his grandfather Varadarajan, a respected weaver in Kanchipuram, whose own son Murugan (Prankster Rahul) is only a few years older than Sivakumar. When Siva gets into trouble with the cops, her father Ganesan sends her to Chennai with Murugan, who is married to the wealthy owner of a textile showroom, Chandrasekaran. Varadarajan and Chandrasekaran have a history between them and when Siva and the latter’s niece, Shruti (Madhuri) fall in love, Murugan is also kicked out of their home. Can Siva make things right between the families and also restore Varadarajan’s reputation?

Your feelings towards Sivakumarin Sabadham will depend on your ability to come to terms with Hiphop Tamizha’s decision to use a premise with intense dramatic potential to tell a light film about family and relationships. While there are times when it’s refreshing to see situations never get too serious, it also makes us not take anything seriously about what’s going on in the movie. From a character defying the antagonist to another character trying to kill themselves, everything is treated lightly. The film continues to give us dramatic scenes which are then punched out as they end. If this approach works for you, the film will remain an engaging watch for you. Otherwise, you’ll be frustrated by the film’s refusal to make us feel emotionally involved.

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