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Shonda Rhimes is a television producer, screenwriter and author, best known for being the creator of the ABC medical drama, “Grey’s Anatomy” (2005), for which she won the Golden Globe for best television drama series in 2007.

After graduating, she worked as research director on the documentary “Hank Aaron: Chasing the Dream” (1995); she directed the short film “Blossoms and Veils” (1998) and was given the assignment to co-write the HBO film “Introducing Dorothy Dandridge” (1999).

And that’s not all, the American celebrity managed to catapult herself into the world of entertainment for more popular and successful projects.

Shonda Rhimes’ business and her deal with Netflix

Shonda is the CEO of global entertainment content company Shondaland, a company that creates story-driven content through branding, merchandising, film, streaming, audio, digital and editorial content.

On August 14, 2017, Netflix announced an exclusive development deal with the company and its future productions.

“When Ted and I decided to break the traditional television business model and move Shondaland to Netflix, we were both entering uncharted territory. Now firmly established on Netflix, Shondaland exudes creativity, is a profitable asset, and engages audiences around the world with stories that are unafraid to challenge viewers while entertaining them,” the producer told Netflix.

The cinematographic works of Shonda Rhimes

This is the series about a former media adviser to the President of the United States who starts her own crisis management company, Olivia Pope.

It stars Kerry Washington, who for seven seasons managed to capture many viewers.

2# ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ (2005)

Another Shonda project, the hit drama centers on the lives of the doctors, residents, and staff at the fictional Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital in Seattle.

The characters try to balance their personal life with work, although some are romantically linked.

#3 ‘How to Get Away With Murder’ (2014)

It’s a movie about a law professor who gets involved in a murder mystery with her students.

The star who brings Annalize Keating to life is Oscar-winning actress Viola Davis.

#4 “Away from it all” (2011)

Another series of doctors that chronicles the lives of seven doctors who try to remember the reason they studied medicine.

This while facing several personal problems in a South American country.

#5 ‘Forever Cursed’ (2017)

It is based on the 16th century and tells the tragic outcome of the romance between Romeo and Juliet.

Rosaline Capuleto, cousin of the deceased, is forced to marry Benvolio Montague to end the enmity of the families, which they obtain without having to go to the altar.

Popular series on Netflix

It revolves around writer Julia Quinn’s book series, which depicts the romantic adventures of the eight children of the Brigerton family, a period drama set in the high society of a fictional 19th century England.

The second season has been recently announced which you can enjoy on March 25, 2022.

In the project, actress Julia Garner for her work in ‘Ozark’ (2017), is responsible for bringing the false German heiress to life.

In turn, journalist Jessica Pressler, responsible for spreading the story, is played by Anna Chlumsky.

Other works Shonda Rhimes has brought to the small screen include: “Private Practice” (2007), “The Catch” (2016), “Station 19” (2018) and “Inside the Box” (2009), among others .

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