Severance Cast: Where you saw the cast of Ben Stiller’s Apple TV+ drama series

Since people were first able to sign up for an Apple TV+ subscription in November 2019, the streaming service has released some pretty amazing shows like Ted Lasso, The morning showand Servant, to only cite a few. And, over time, the list of great original series just keeps getting better, thanks in part to shows like the platform’s latest addition: Breakup.

Directed by Ben Stiller, this workplace psychological drama about a group of people who don’t remember what happens in the office once they’ve left and have no memory of the outside world when they clock in every day. This promising story is only enriched by the impressive Breakup cast, which features heavy hitters. But, if you’ve forgotten where you’ve seen them before, don’t worry, because we’re about to break it down…

Adam Scott on severance pay

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Adam Scott (Mark)

lead the Breakup The cast is Adam Scott, who takes on the role of Mark, the mild-mannered team leader whose life is turned upside down when a former colleague finds him in the outside world, a colleague he doesn’t remember.

Scott has long been a staple of the small screen, having appeared on shows like party of five, East and down, big little lies, Parks and recreationand To party, which is expected to see a revival in the near future. His film work is equally impressive, with titles like the aviator, Half brothers, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (also directed by Ben Stiller), and Krampus.

Lower Britt on severance pay

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Britt Lower (Helly)

Stepping in as Helly, the new recruit who joins Mark and the rest of his mysterious colleagues who underwent the same operation to split their memories into two halves, is Britt Lower, who has starred in quite a few movies and TV shows. television since bursting onto the scene in 2010.

Throughout her career, Lower has appeared on shows like Man Seeking Woman, Unforgettable, Casual, Philadelphia is always sunnyand High maintenance, aka one of HBO’s best shows that ended way too soon. During the same period, Lower appeared in films like Domain, Holly slept, Mr. Rooseveltand sisters.

Patricia Arquette on severance pay

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Patricia Arquette (Harmony Cobel)

Playing the role of Harmony Cobel, Mark’s domineering boss, on Breakup is Patricia Arquette, who brings a unique blend of drama, humor and awkwardness to the Apple TV+ series.

A Tony Award away from having an EGOT, Arquette has given impressive performances in films like Childhood, true romance, fast food nationand Holes. Those roles would be enough to earn Arquette a spot on the list of the best actresses of the past 35 years, but her work on the small screen only reinforces that idea. Over the years, Arquette has helmed series like The act, Escape to Dannemora (also directed by Ben Stiller), Boardwalk Empireand Averagewhich earned him a Primetime Emmy Award and countless nominations throughout the show’s seven seasons.

John Turturro on severance pay

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John TurturroIrving

John Turturro appears in the Breakup cast as Irving, a rather pretentious member of Mark’s team and who also has a split memory that prevents him from remembering his life outside of the office and vice versa.

Prior to landing a role in the new Apple TV+ series, Turturro found great success with various films and projects as well as impressive stage productions (both on and off Broadway). From his television contributions, Turturro has appeared on The Plot Against America, The night of, Monkand The Bronx is burning, to name a few. The longtime collaborator of the Coen brothers gave memorable performances in O brother, where are you?, The great Lebowskiand Barton Fink. Other film appearances include Mr. Acts, Gloria Belland The color of money.

Christopher Walken on severance pay

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Christopher WalkenBurt

Next up is Christopher Walken, who appears on the Breakup cast as Burt, Mark’s eccentric colleague, the latest in a long line of unique characters played by the one-of-a-kind actor.

Arguably the most prolific actor of the ensemble Breakup cast, Walken gave memorable performances in everything from gritty, Oscar-winning war films like The deer hunter to Stephen King adaptations like dead zone, to some of the best movies of the 90s like pulp Fiction and true romance, and just about every other type of film. Hell, he even made it to some of the best Saturday Night Live moments, although he was never in the cast.

Zach Cherry on severance pay

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Zach CherryDylan

Assuming the role of Dylan, one of Mark’s competitive colleagues on Breakupis Zach Cherry, who fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will immediately recognize as soon as he starts screaming with that signature high-pitched voice.

But, in case you need a little refresher, Cherry plays the street vendor who yells at Spider-Man to flip him. Spider-Man: Homecoming. Cherry will also appear later in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings bus scene playing the role of the vlogger documenting the tough guy fight. Outside of the MCU, Cherry has voiced characters on Duncanvilledisplayed on Succession and crackleand the first season of Research group.

Tramell Tillman on severance pay

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Tramell Tillman (Milchick)

Tramell Tillman appears on the Breakup plays Milchick, the ever-smiling security guard usually found not far from Harmony Cobel or who walks around with that creepy optimism.

If you are a fan of the drama series Epix, Godfather of Harlem, then you’ll most likely recognize Tillman as Bobby Robinson. If not, then you’ve probably seen it on difficult people, DietlandWhere Hunters. He also played a part-time role in Elementaryfor all those diehard fans.

Yul Vazquez on Severence

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Yul Vazquez (Petey)

Taking on the role of Petey, Mark’s former colleague who approaches him in the outside world and opens his mind to the true nature of their profession on break, is veteran film and television actor Yul Vazquez.

Throughout his career, which dates back to an episode of Tales from the Crypt in 1992, Vasquez landed roles in some of the best and most-watched shows of the past 30 years, including Seinfeld (he played Bob The Intimidating Gay Guy in three episodes), The Sopranos, sex and the city, The good wife, Narcos: Mexico, the strangerand Russian doll. On the film side, Vasquez appeared in bad boys II, american mobster, Traffic, OGand dozens of other movies.

Jen Tullock and Adam Scott on severance pay

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Jenn Tullock (Devon)

the Breakup The cast also includes several characters who are not part of the program where their memories are split into two halves, and one of them is Mark’s supporting sister Devon, played by Jen Tullock.

Throughout her career, Tullock landed roles on shows like The Co-op, Bless this mess, Door n°1, Disengaged, and even Calm your enthusiasm. She has also directed many films over the years, including a comedy-drama in 2019, Before you know itwhich she co-wrote with director and co-star Hannah Pearl Utt.

Dichen Lachman on altered carbon

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Dichen Lachman (Mrs. Casey)

Dichen Lachman, another star of the new Apple TV+ series who has made her mark on the small screen, takes on the role of Ms. Casey, another employee of Mark’s mysterious and downright unethical company.

Throughout her career, which dates back to a 106-episode run on the Australian soap opera NeighborsLachman appeared on dolls house, Hawaii five-0, The league, Last resort, Agents of SHIELD, Shameless, super girl, Altered carbonand Animal Kingdom, and that’s just including some of the best-known shows she’s been on over the years. His film work, which isn’t as extensive as his TV credits list, appears to be on the rise, with appearances in Bad therapy, Too lateand Raya and the last dragon. And, it looks like that’s just the beginning, as she’s set to appear in the next one. Jurassic World: Dominion.

Michael Chernus in Spider-Man: Homecoming

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Michael ChernusRickon

Complete the main part of Breakup The cast is Michael Chernus, who plays Rickon, Mark’s cocky writer-in-law and know-it-all in the outside world.

Just like with Zach Cherry above, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will recognize Chernus from his appearance in Spider-Man: Homecoming, in which he played Phineas Mason, aka Tinker, the man behind most of Vulture’s big bad gadgets. True to his cinematic contributions, Chernus has appeared in films like The messenger, Love and other drugs, The Bourne Legacy, Captain Phillips, Mistress America, and tons of other movie projects. His work on the small screen includes Nurse Jackie, Orange is the new black, manhattan, Easy, tommyand more recently, prodigal son.

Well, that pretty much covers every main cast that appears in Breakup, but with a premise as promising and expansive as that found in Ben Stiller’s latest draft, expect surprises throughout the series’ nine episodes. If you want to know what else is coming to the small screen while you wait for new episodes to drop, take a look at CinemaBlend’s roundup of all new and recurring shows in the 2022 TV Schedule.

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