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“Fear Street: 1994”, the first in the Netflix “Fear Street” trilogy, is dramatic, suspenseful, bloody and full of surprises – the perfect recipe for a pristine teen summer slasher.

Running for an hour and 47 minutes, “Fear Street: 1994” is a formidable horror film that goes above and beyond with its acting, dramatic scenes and twists, while scaring viewers with it. success.

Although the film is based on RL Stine’s “Fear Street” series, it does not follow any particular book. Some nods to the “Fear Street” and “Goosebumps” series are made throughout the film, while also engaging in the same edgy, promiscuous, and thrilling content.

The film begins with the gruesome murder of Heather, played by Maya Hawke, and the death of her killer.

However, her murderer, Ryan Torres played by David W. Thompson, returns to torment the main characters Deena (Kiana Madeira), Josh (Benjamin Flores Jr.), Sam (Olivia Scott Welch), Kate (Julia Rehwald) and Simon (Fred Hechinger) after Sam disturbs a witch’s grave and is cursed, “She’ll take your blood / She’ll take your head / She’ll follow you / Until you die.”

The witch sends the zombies of other people she has cursed to kill Sam, using the scent of her blood to find her. Deena convinces everyone to risk their lives to save Sam – ultimately leading everyone to one-on-one fights with killer zombies.

All of the characters are quick and can stand up to the cursed zombie murderers, which leads to some creative and fierce fight scenes throughout the film. But if you’re sensitive to blood, be sure to cover your eyes during the hospital and grocery store scenes, as they’re filled with surprisingly innovative blood, screaming, and death.

The fight sequences are even better with the soundtrack of the film. Recognizable ’90s hits combined with intense instrumentals during times of high stress make viewers’ hearts beat and set the perfect atmosphere for a teenage slasher.

Of all the characters, Deena is the only one who lacks charisma. Its essence throughout the film’s first half hour can be summed up as “this town sucks, my life sucks, I’m not like other girls because I see how tragic life is” – a aspect that her friends and family catch her attention, but she ignores. Her decisions, actions, and arguments with other characters make her the least likeable character in the film.

Kate, Deena’s best friend, on the other hand, considers Deena to be the outgoing drug-dealing cheerleader who is quite the scum.

However, as Kate isn’t sympathetic at the start of the film, she becomes one of the better characters towards the end as she evolves into a leader, delivers fierce fights, and becomes the bravest of the bunch.

Deena’s brother Josh and his friend Simon are the cutest in the movie. Josh is the only one who has studied the history of Shadyside, which includes knowledge of the town’s murderous past and the story of the witch and her curse.

Simon is more of a comedic relief – a much needed character for such an intense movie. The two characters ease the tension as Josh provides the group with new ideas and plans, while Simon brings a laugh.

Unpleasant characters are easy to ignore as the story progresses due to the unpredictable twists and turns, dramatic fights, and intelligence of the other characters.

Although the film is aimed at young adults, some of the content may be too intense for some viewers as there are conversations regarding self-harm, alcoholism and drug addiction.

“Fear Street: 1994” is only the first part of the trilogy. The second film, “Fear Street: 1978”, will provide more information on the Shadyside murders and follow the murders at Camp Nightwing.

“Fear Street: 1978” will be available on July 9, and the latest film, “Fear Street: 1666”, is scheduled for release on July 16.

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