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Dwayne Johnson’s 10-Year Quest Brings ‘Black Adam’ to Comic-Con

Actor Dwayne Johnson made a grand entrance to the annual Comic-Con pop culture convention on Saturday, hovering above a smoky stage in a sleek superhero costume and promising that “the DC Universe will never be never the same again”. Johnson previewed his upcoming Warner Bros. film “Black Adam,” a DC Comics-inspired story about a former slave who is granted god-like powers and awakens 5,000 years later in modern times.

Box Office: Jordan Peele’s ‘Nope’ opens at No. 1 with $44 million

Audiences responded with a resounding “yep” to Jordan Peele’s sci-fi thriller “Nope,” which topped the box office with its $44 million debut. Those ticket sales were slightly below projections of $50 million and fall between Peele’s first two films, 2017’s “Get Out” (which opened at $33 million) and 2019’s “Us” (which opened at $33 million). opened at $71 million). “No” may not have cemented a new box office record for Peele, but it marks a strong start for an original, R-rated horror movie.

Bob Rafelson, Oscar-nominated director of ‘Five Easy Pieces’, dies at 89

Bob Rafelson, co-creator of “The Monkees” and director of the film “Five Easy Pieces” died Saturday at the age of 89, Monkees singer Micky Dolenz announced on Twitter. Dolenz, lead singer and drummer of the Monkees, who starred in a 1960s TV series about a Beatles-inspired rock quartet, took to Twitter to express his grief and confirm reports of Rafelson’s death.

Britain to host Eurovision Song Contest 2023 on behalf of Ukraine

Britain will host the Eurovision Song Contest next year on behalf of Ukrainian winners due to the ongoing dispute there, competition organizers announced on Monday. While decades-old tradition has it that the competition winner hosts it the following year, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) said security reasons meant UK finalists were instead asked to host.

Paul Sorvino, actor of “Les Affranchis” and “Law & Order”, dies at 83

Paul Sorvino, who played mobster Paulie Cicero in the hit movie ‘Goodfellas’, has died aged 83, a spokesperson for the actor said Monday. Sorvino, also known for portraying police sergeant Phil Cerreta on the 1990s television series “Law & Order,” has worked in film, television and on stage for more than 50 years.

Cannibals, a comedy and a cinematic icon in the spotlight of Venice

A Marilyn Monroe drama, a cannibalistic road movie and a dark comedy about family life are among the stories featured at the Venice Film Festival this year. The world’s oldest film festival, considered a launching pad for Oscar contenders as awards season approaches, runs from August 31 to September 10 and features dozens of highly anticipated films in and out of competition. competition.

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