Reba McEntire’s bond with Rex Linn grew after losing mother

Reba McEntire’s Live and learn The Spotify podcast returned for Season 2 on Monday, October 25, and she kicked off the season with a particularly special guest: her boyfriend, actor Rex Linn.

McEntire and Linn started dating in early 2020, but they met much earlier: in 1991, they were both on the set of Kenny Rogers’ TV movie. The player’s return: the luck of the draw. At the time, McEntire was married to her then-manager Narvel Blackstock, whom she divorced in 2015. Yet she and Linn shared a memorable conversation that would become a full moment later in their lives, after having started a romantic relationship.

During the new podcast episode, Linn recounts this moment, which took place after her mother died.

“In 1998, my mother passed away, and the day we buried her, we went back to mom’s house, and there were a lot of people there,” he says.

“My sister comes up and says, ‘You have a phone call.’ I said, “Now? Right now? “She said, ‘Yeah, I think you’re probably going to want to take this,'” Linn said.

“So I went back to my old room that I had grown up in, I sat on the bed, and it was Reba,” he continues. “She said, ‘Hey, I understand what you’re going through today. I wanted to talk to you.’ We talked for probably 25 minutes, and I never forgot it. It was amazing. It was uplifting. It was really special. And I had no idea that 20 years later, 21 years later, I would do the same with her. “

Fast forward to the very beginning of their romantic relationship: Linn and McEntire reconnected in January 2020, just before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and went out to dinner. Then they continued to text from quarantine. But after McEntire got the harsh news about her mother’s failing health, she and Linn grew closer.

“We had just found out that she had bladder cancer, and you said, ‘Please call me when you want to talk’, and I quit texting, and we have been talking about since, ”McEntire explains on the Podcast.

McEntire’s mother passed away on March 14, 2020. As the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent closures intensified, the singer spent time in Oklahoma with her family, dealing with the grief of her mother’s death and moving on. by his parents’ house. During this time, she was starting a relationship with Linn that developed through what the couple calls their “coffee camp” – their daily dates with virtual coffee.

“It was a very special relationship, we got to know each other without any physical aspect,” recalls the singer. “We were talking in the morning. We started ‘coffee camp’ while I was in Oklahoma… We haven’t missed a ‘coffee camp’ since March 16.”

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