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Kaylia Williams watches the film and television industry closely, even more now than she has throughout her career as a television host and personality. Known professionally as Press Kay, her playground has been primarily music and entertainment, wearing various hats including that of recording artist and publicist, and always representing a dancehall team. In 2017, she recorded a song called Menea tu Cuerpo with the Mexican Sound Institute (Instituto Mexicano del Sonido) for the Popular Disco album, which is now part of the soundtrack of the American comedy Holiday friends, which premieres on Hulu today.

“I feel so elated and extremely blessed to know that the song is on the soundtrack of a movie. Also, knowing that on the whole album which included so many greats like Sly and Robbie and Toots and The Maytals, as well as several Spanish acts, my track was selected, ”Press Kay said. The gleaner.

The film’s cast includes professional wrestler and actor John Cena; award-winning actress Lynn Whitfield, who played Lady Mae in the Oprah Winfrey Network drama series Green leaf; and Meredith Hagner, nominated for the Daytime Emmy Award for the soap opera As the world turns. The upcoming film, directed by Clay Tarver, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Tom Mullen and Jonathan Goldstein, is about two couples meeting while on vacation, but their friendship takes an awkward turn when a couple interrupts their marriage. the other.

Press Kay, a fan of romance movies and TV shows, says the movie should be interesting, and she can’t wait to see how the song fits into the storyline.

“The connection with the producer, Camilo Lara, and his team, was first made through the engineers at Big Yard Studios, and when they played the beat to me, there was an instant light bulb moment. I was like, that’s my thing, and of course I was able to get creative and put the chorus in Spanish while keeping the authentic patois in the mix, ”she said. “Knowing that I was working with Mexican producers, I definitely wanted to bring musical genres closer together so people could better appreciate the music; it is tastier and more palatable.

She said she has focused on the Spanish market for many years, taking a business and marketing approach to market her music internationally. With Come Fi Di Knockaz, a collaboration with Charly Black, it has gained popularity in Colombia, El Salvador and Costa Rica.

“Jamaica is known for dancehall, and that’s why people keep coming here to make music; but it is important for us to spread the culture. I knew this was going to be special because they are big on sale and travel a lot for work and I expected it to be big. I didn’t know it would be in a movie, but it’s a big achievement for me and it’s going to boost our musical culture even more, ”Press Kay said.

“I would love to do more collaborations and recordings with that Latin flavor, because it’s a type of energy that people appreciate in my music, and that’s where the money is! I will always bring my style and my flow, even to a Spanish beat, or what we call reggaeton, the beat, ”she continued.

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