Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn Writer say new series will please fans

Poison Ivy is getting a new series from DC Comics, and the comic book writer says Harley-Ivy fans should be happy with their story.

Warning! Spoiler for poison ivy #1 by DC Comics

Writer G. Willow Wilson revealed that fans of poison ivy and harley quinn as a couple would be very excited about the upcoming series starring Pamela Isley. In a new interview, the author of the next poison ivy DC Comics #1 said there was no doubt that Harley was “now the central relationship that defines this character” and that the book was meant to be a love story. The comments should be music to the ears of readers who enjoy seeing the couple together.

DC Comics has revealed a slew of new titles from DC Pride Month, including a new Poison Ivy featuring the ongoing series from G. Willow Wilson and Marcio Takara. Wilson, an amazing writer who wrote amazing comics, including the co-creation of Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel and The Dream: Waking Hours starring Nick Robles as part of DC’s Black Label line in the Sandman universe, is a fantastic choice for telling new Ivy stories. In a recent interview, she talked about her plans for the poison ivy series, including the role of Harley Quinn in the comics – which should appeal to readers.


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Wilson spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the upcoming poison ivy series and how it plans to take the comic in an Annihilation-like direction, with plenty of body horror, while touching on relevant themes, including humanity’s relationship to the environment. However, for those worried about DC’s best couple Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn will be apart as Ivy embarks on a new adventure, fear not. Wilson told EW that she considers the book a “love story” and that “fans of the Harley-Ivy romance will be thrilled because I think there’s no doubt that her relationship with Harley is now the central and determining relationship of this character”.

While Wilson pointed out that the comic isn’t all about love, she admitted that Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn make an interesting couple in her mind because of what they’ve been through and how they are kindred spirits, while having an unpredictable chemistry that “no one could have predicted”. .” From the EW interview:

“They’ve both been through a lot. They’ve both had to suffer from being manipulated by people they trusted, and that shaped a lot of their story, but neither of them wants that. it shapes his future. I think the two of them are actively trying to move on from past toxic relationships, and so they see really kindred spirits in each other. There’s just some chemistry between them that I don’t think that anyone could have necessarily predicted, and that’s what makes it fun.

While DC Comics’ new Poison Ivy series is sure to be filled with body horror and important themes, fans of the character’s relationship with Harley Quinn should be thrilled and excited by Wilson’s take on their relationship. She has a great understanding of what makes the iconic couple so good together and doesn’t seem to have any intention of putting their romance on full swing like some other shows have. That’s not to say there won’t be drama, though. harley quinn will appear in poison ivy #1 by DC Comics, which hits comic book stores in June. The series covers above are by Jessica Fong and Jen Bartel.

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