Peaky Blinders thanks fans for their support as the series comes to a dramatic end

Spoilers for the Peaky Blinders series finale are below.The road has been long for the Peaky Blinders but after ten years the hit gangster drama came to an end on Sunday night and the show’s official Twitter account quickly shared a post from a certain Tommy Shelby’s cap, with a message to fans thanking them for the support brought to the series over the years. As most series finales unfold, not everyone was happy by the time the final credits roll, but there’s always the promise of the Peaky Blinders film coming to resolve these lingering questions that fans have flooded social media with. Read on, but beware of spoilers for the series finale.


The message on Peaky BlindersTwitter page read, “Thanks for watching Peaky Blinders. Thank you to all the amazing fans who have been part of the journey over the past ten years. We couldn’t have done it without your support. Now we Peaky Blinders are resting.

Fans had mixed feelings about the show’s final season, which was delayed due to the Covid pandemic and for some it wasn’t worth the wait, but the final episode of the long footage managed to appease many, and while the twist ends of Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) discovering that his terminal tuberculosis tumor diagnosis was just a lie meant to force him to commit suicide ensured the series ended looking good after moaning during the episode, the many coincidences, convoluted plot points, and many unanswered questions proved difficult for some critics and viewers to accept.

“Disgusting ending – absolute waste of time for fans on series five and six, not the actors fault but the writers let it down / ran out of ideas – BIG TIME,” one Twitter user commented. Another said: “ngl wasn’t the best ending after 10 years, felt like a setup just for the movie, I think that’s where it went wrong, compared to series endings like breaking bad, it was very weak.”

However, in contrast, others couldn’t get enough of the episode with comments like “99.9% of the people where a certain Tommy was going to die and then Oswald’s wedding photo showing he never wasn’t exactly sick given that the massive twist cements the finale as being one of the best of all time in my eyes.See more reactions below.

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The Peaky Blinders movie is already in development, which explains so many unanswered questions during the finale.

Netflix's Peaky Blinders Season 6
Picture via IMDb.

It was revealed earlier this year that although the series of Peaky Blinders was coming to an end with its sixth season, that wasn’t the last time we’d see Cillian Murphy’s Tommy Shelby on screens. The real question was who else along with the main character would still be around to appear in the follow-up feature.

“It was always Britain between the wars – how the lesson of a war was not learned and was repeated,” producer Steven Knight previously revealed. “It’s also the end of the empire: we enter the Second World War and at the end of it, there is no longer really an empire. But I have…revised the scope of what it is. It will now go into and beyond World War II. Because I just think the energy that exists in the world for that, I want that to continue, and I want to see how it can progress beyond that.

The film will essentially replace a planned seventh season of the series. With some fans suggesting that the series has more than run its course and is dwindling on the idea front, a movie might be the best way to iron out all the loose ends without having to crank out another six hours or more of content to make. the. Expect more news on the Peaky Blinders movie when it goes into production next year.

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