Pavel G Vesnakov in post-production with his second feature, Windless

– The drama explores the passage of time and the consequences of memory through the eyes of a young man

On the set of without wind

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(2020), Bulgarian director Pavel G. Vesnakov is currently in post-production with without wind (working title), a drama about a young man facing his past. The project is carried out by Vesela Kazakova by Red carpet (Bulgaria), and co-produced by Alessandro Amato and Luigi Chimienti by disappears (Italy).

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The screenplay, written by Vesnakov, Simeon Ventsislavov, Theodora Markova, Nevena Kertova and Georgi Ivanovfocuses on Koko (Ognyan Pavlov), a young Bulgarian who made his life in Spain. He returns to his family’s native provincial town to sell his late father’s old apartment and tend to his remains as well. As many of the city’s buildings are demolished to make way for a large investment project involving a casino, hotel, and golf course, Koko stays a few more days to help her old friend Matches (Veselin Petrov) clears property of several buildings that will soon be demolished. But what exactly will disappear once the work is finished?

The film’s budget is around €560,000, of which around €225,000 comes from the Bulgarian National Film Center. the Italian Ministry of Culture and Eurimages also supported the project. without wind was filmed for just over three weeks in the town of Buhovo, near Sofia. Orlin Ruevski (German courses) was the DoP. Secondary characters are played by Vasil Binev, Mihail Mutafov, Lidiya Vukova and Anna Bankin.

Vesela Kazakova tells Cineuropa that without wind was supposed to be filmed last year, but the change in the Bulgarian film law and the difficulties encountered by the Bulgarian National Film Center led to the postponement of the filming. “It was really difficult to make the film this year with a budget that was approved two years ago. But we succeeded, especially thanks to the great support we received from our co-producers at Disparte,” says Kazakova.

As for the director, he says his second feature has quite a different approach to his shorts and his first feature. “My early films were filled with pessimism and negative energy towards the society we live in, but over time I was much more inspired by authors like Abbas Kiarostamirather than the Darden brothers, for example. Can a poetic vision of life exist in our daily lives? [With Windless] I try to meditate on this existential question”, explains the director. “Does our beginning begin with our earliest memories of our parents and loved ones, and what exactly ends with their death? How does the passage of time affect our perception of reality or, better, of things we have never known? Does the inanimate have memories? These are the topics that bother me much more than any social commentary,” Vesnakov further explains.

Loose plans are underway for a nationwide release of without wind in October 2023, but it depends on the selections of the festival.

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