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There’s no business like show business, is there? Today I have the story of a place whose name went from being on the poster to being on the map.

The Son of the Wild, or Der Sohn Der Wildnis, if you like the German translation.

It was a play.

It was written by Friedrich Halm in 1840.

And it follows the story of a young woman named Parthenia.

She goes into the forest, in search of her lost father, only to find that he had been captured by barbarians.

The leader of this band of savages makes a deal with Parthenia…

He will let his father go, but she must remain his prisoner.

Skipping a few details, the two fall in love.

The savage changes his mind, ends up saving the day, and in fact lives happily ever after.

The story sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

The play has been translated into English.

And when it arrived in America in 1885, it had made such a splash that the railroad naming team decided to name this town after the main character of the new name INGOMAR THE BARBARIAN!

It was made into a movie in 1908, but the town took the name first.

And that’s how Ingomar ended up on the map of Merced County.

With Josh Dean behind the camera, I’m AJ Fox.

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