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Like many celebrity relationships, the one between Nicky Jam and Genesis Aleska started with rumors that they were together. Last April, speculation rang out that the singer had found love again, and the eyes of his fans fell on the handsome Venezuelan model, with whom they began to see him very affectionate. Emotion at heart and ready to cry out their love to the world, they confirmed their engagement in September, but how did the spark between the two come about? Nicky Jam revealed it!

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They had known each other virtually since 2018, when she performed the X dance, one of the singer’s songs, to which he responded with a heart emoji. “She didn’t pay much attention to me. I threw him a little heart of love and affection because that’s what I want for my people, ”Jam said. And although there was attraction from both sides, she was a little embarrassed to contact him because she would think he was watching.

It was until he found himself single that Genesis would dare to visit La Industria, Nicky’s restaurant focused on desserts and coffee. “He wrote to me to congratulate me on my business and I told him when he wanted,” recalls Nicky. Genesis was nearby with a friend and her daughter and they made it to the place, where they were not only greeted in the VIP area, but were treated like queens.

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“When he was done he took a picture of himself in front of the ‘Tell me daddy’ sign, sent it to me and that picture went viral, people went crazy,” recalls Nicky Jam. of the image that sparked rumors even though they didn’t know each other. Confident in his charm, the singer assured that when they finally saw each other, there would be a great chemistry, and it was the case! “I knew that when she met me in person, she was going to like it. When she sees this dad who is six feet tall, who smells good, who has a smile, who is charismatic, I know she is going to love me, ”he said happily.

The first date and plans for the end of the year

The couple began chatting via messages, but it wasn’t until she flew to San Francisco that they put everything aside and boarded their private plane to meet her. “Always on the move,” he titled this photo in early August. “When he said, ‘See you soon,’ the butterflies started in my stomach. When I saw him in person, it was love at first sight, “she recalls, excited by a new love.

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After confirming their courtship, the happy couple took an incredible journey through Europe. Lovers, they revealed that for Christmas the celebration will take place at the singer’s house in Medellín, Colombia. As for farewell to 2021, they plan to be in Nicky Jam’s luxurious Miami apartment.

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