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Shared by the Humans of Bombay Instagram page, this video shows how Telangana’s first married gay couple – Supriyo and Abhay, experienced their romance.

Abhay Dange and Supriyo Chakraborty, billed as the first gay couple to marry in Telangana, recently went viral. The powerful couple have now shared their love story which is just as interesting as their special wedding.

Shared on the official Humans of Bombay Instagram page, this video shows moments from their lovely wedding and the festivities that accompanied it. It’s accompanied by a descriptive caption that details their love story from Supriyo’s perspective. “My first date with Abhay lasted over seven hours! What started out as a date with a coffee sort of ended in the salon with an Abhay haircut. There was comfort from the start, ”the legend begins.

We won’t be revealing much, so read their cute romance for yourself and watch the wedding video below:

Since it was shared on Instagram about three hours ago, the video has already garnered over 2.3 lakh of likes and several heartwarming comments.

“So happy for you. Love is love and you enlighten a lot, ”commented one Instagram user. “So beautiful. God bless you,” another posted, followed by a heart emoji. “What a story, Supriyo and Abhay,” a third wrote. will wait, ”commented another.

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