Ms. Marvel Just Gave Us One Of The MCU’s Best Romances

Episode 5 of “Ms. Marvel,” titled “Time and Again,” kicks off with monochromatic news that sets the stage for a deeper dive into the story behind India’s partition. As you may already know, partition did not happen in a single day – nearly 200 years of British rule paved the way for it, ultimately leading to volatile unrest and communal uncertainty in India. Thus, “Ms. Marvel” presents a glimpse of its 1942 debut, alongside the slow but timeless love story between Aisha and Hasan.

When the episode kicks off, we see Aisha making her way through a small village in pre-independence India. She sees Hasan; an enthusiastic and intelligent young man determined to put an end to the British strategy of divide and conquer. He has kind eyes but an unwavering voice. Hasan speaks out courageously against the British occupation of India, citing his refusal to allow the oppressors to cause further tension between the Hindu and Muslim communities. It expresses the commoner’s peaceful dream – to gain freedom without destructive riots breaking out across the land. Aisha just watches him being driven away by British officers.

We later see the two engage in conversation when Aisha wakes up in a field of roses owned by Hasan. During a somewhat tense encounter, the two have instant magnetic, unspoken chemistry. Aisha’s seriousness is picked up by Hasan’s soft eyes. When the next scene occurs, months and possibly years have passed, and Aisha and Hasan find themselves in the same field of roses, their hands meeting on her baby bump. The couple peacefully raise their daughter in a small house in a small village, their blossoming and high-spirited love affair serving as temporary relief from the devastation and stress caused by the inevitable Partition of 1947.

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