Movie Review: THE SOUND OF VIOLET (2022): Allen Wolf’s film is an interesting mix of comedy and drama

The Violet Sound Review

The sound of violet (2022) Movie Reviewa movie directed by Wolf Allen and featuring Cason Thomas, Cora Cleary, Kaelon Christophe, Michael E. Bell, Jean d’Arcy, Wolf Allen, james pinto, Mara Reltien, More, Nishant Ghan, Robert L. Butler Jr., Ray Hopper, Angle Rates, Amelie Samson, Tyler Roy Roberts and Ivy Bona.

Allen Wolf’s new movie, The sound of violet, has a lot of heart and features two pretty compelling central performances. These turns are provided by two newcomers to the feature film: Cason Thomas and Cora Cleary. Wolf’s film raises many important points and will keep the viewer’s interest throughout. It’s a story of learning to accept people for who they really are. It’s also the story of the powerful bond that develops between a young man with autism and a prostitute. What really makes the film special are Thomas and Cleary’s performances that create a very touching on-screen connection. It’s a movie that shows us intriguing everyday characters that we don’t see in too many movies these days.


Early in the movie, we meet Shawn (Cason Thomas) who works for a dating app. He meets women for dates but because of his peculiar behavior on dates, the women he dates seem to disappear quickly. We even flee the scene almost immediately. Shawn is autistic. He lives with his grandmother Ruth (Jan D’Arcy) in a nice apartment.

Shawn’s boss, Jake (Tyler Roy Roberts), hosts an event called a “Pimps and Hos” party. Shawn finds one of the women attractive. Her name is Violette (Cora Cleary). Violet is a prostitute. Shawn is not able to realize this fact partly because of his autism. He quickly sets up a date with Violet at the apartment he shares with his grandmother. Violet feels like Shawn wants to be intimate with her, but Shawn doesn’t like intimacy.

Shawn and Violet soon spend some time together although it’s clear that Shawn doesn’t want to sleep with her. He likes her, but a real human connection seems hard to achieve in his life. For reasons that aren’t always clear, Violet isn’t running away from Shawn. She tells him that she does acting “auditions” but really hangs out with “clients” provided to her by her pimp Anton (Michael E. Bell). Although Violet plays a role that suggests to Shawn that everything is fine, she is hurting inside. She is essentially trapped in a life of hardship where she “owes” Anton what he did to provide her with a place to live. Violet pays him with a large percentage of the money she earns as a prostitute, but she can’t just go on alone and start over. She is Anton’s slave. Meanwhile, the plot thickens when Shawn’s grandmother realizes that Violet isn’t the kind of girl she wants Shawn to date.

The sound of violet features a story that appeared in a standalone book by Wolf titled Hung before the title is changed to the current title. Once I read the script, I was immediately intrigued by the premise. It could have been a difficult story to tell due to the nature of what Violet is going through as a character. I don’t know if the plot has been changed from the book, but it works well as a movie. There is, however, a balance between the comedic and dramatic elements of the film that is achieved by Wolf’s film. However, some viewers may be puzzled by the light-hearted nature of the opening scenes only to find that the heavy scenes towards the end are a bit off the mark from the rest of the film. There’s a reason for that, though, and viewers should be prepared to accept that the movie isn’t always light-hearted viewing as the early scenes suggest.

this is not one pretty Womann-type story. While it’s a good comedic film, Wolf’s picture has a lot more to say about prostitution, and the filmmaker even dives deep into Shawn’s personal struggles. I liked how the movie created the relationship between Shawn and his brother (well played by Kaelon Christopher) and showed how the brother, Colin, sought to protect Shawn from emotional harm. There is a scene at the end of the film where Colin helps his brother which is deeply moving. This film is, at its core, however, a film that wants to help end human trafficking. Michael E. Bell as Anton is really intense here and his cruel and terrifying portrayal of the pimp is featured throughout.

However, the success of the film is mainly based on its stars. Thomas and Cleary are well matched and provide audiences with likable and unpredictable characters. Shawn and Violet are really well written, and we care about the predicament they find themselves in. Thomas and Cleary are artists who were properly cast, and they manage to present audiences with some quirky chemistry that can really get audiences invested in their characters. As Shawn’s grandmother, Jan D’Arcy is very effective as a woman who wants the best for her grandson and tries to steer him in the right direction. Shawn’s heart is guiding her in a direction she may have to learn to accept.

The sound of violet, although not a perfect film, is a very touching film. My main criticisms are that some viewers may be uncomfortable with the changes in tone of the image and that Violet’s initial connection to Shawn seemed a bit forced at first, but these are minor caveats in an otherwise heartfelt film . Director Wolf and the central cast should be given credit for bringing to life a story that needs to be told. This film approaches Shawn’s disability and Violet’s suffering with a realistic edge that keeps the viewer interested in seeing where their story will go. This is a film that will have you searching your heart to understand the key to happiness in life. It is recommended.

Rating: 7.5/ten

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