Millionaire dog ‘sells’ Miami mansion once owned by Madonna

(AP) – Gunther the German Shepherd spent a recent morning playing with his tennis ball, rolling around in the grass, drooling a bit and taking a lot of naps. He later had a “meeting” with real estate agents selling his Miami mansion that his managers bought from Madonna.

And of course, Gunther wore his best faux diamond dog collar to the reunion – his real gold collar is back in his main home in Tuscany. Crazy as it sounds even by Florida standards, Gunther VI inherited his vast fortune from his grandfather Gunther IV, including the eight-bedroom waterfront home that once belonged to the “Material” singer. Girl “. At least that’s what the managers who run the estate say.

The Tuscan-style villa overlooking Biscayne Bay went on sale Wednesday for $ 31 million – a huge margin from the pop star’s two-decade-old purchase of $ 7.5 million. The house also has a gilded framed portrait of Gunther IV above the fireplace in the living room.

The dog’s lineage dates back decades, when Gunther III inherited a multi-million dollar trust from the late owner, German Countess Karlotta Liebenstein, to her death in 1992. Since then, a group of masters have helped maintain a jet-set lifestyle for a dog estate. There are trips to Milan and the Bahamas, where the last Gunther recently dined at a restaurant every night – his masters like to make sure he is well socialized.

A chef prepares his breakfast each morning, consisting of the best meat, fresh vegetables and rice. Sometimes he likes caviar, but there is never any kibble in sight. He travels by private jet, works his obedience skills daily with his trainer, and sleeps in a plush round red velvet bed overlooking the bay.

“He lives in Madonna’s old master bedroom,” said real estate agent Ruthie Assouline who landed the ad with her husband Ethan for the 1.2 acre (0.5 hectare) property in a row of half a dozen waterfront homes next to a county public park. and on the same street where Sylvester Stallone lived.

“He literally sleeps overlooking the most magnificent view in a bespoke Italian bed in the former bedroom of the world’s greatest pop star.”

Carla Riccitelli is one of Gunther’s primary caretakers and is part of a board of directors that manages the almost $ 500 million current value trust, deciding when to buy and sell real estate. The group even bought sports teams including a men’s soccer team and a women’s swim team and, yes, Gunther played on the pitch and attended competitions, she said.

Riccitelli, a 52-year-old animal lover who resides in Tuscany, met the group that took care of Gunther almost 30 years ago. She instantly bonded with the dog and the Trust Mission and joined the team. She also helped train Gunther Rescue a few years ago to care for other animals.

She has looked after the last three Gunthers and often takes the current dog with her on routine trips to the market or visits to the kennel where she looks after stray dogs.

“He’s not aggressive at all,” she said, saying many people see the breed as wolves. “He’s very good with other animals.

“They are very protective of their owner, of their people. They like to have family, so I usually invite friends over with other dogs, ”she said in a phone interview.

She talks to the board of directors who oversee the trust a few times a month. Miami’s real estate market is so hot, with such limited inventory, they’ve decided now is the time to sell.

Les Assoulines are used to multi-million dollar entries, but this one looked incredible.

“When I was told that this house was bought by this German Shepherd, I thought, ‘What are you talking about? I’m not following you, ”said Ruthie Assouline.

When she first met Gunther he covered her face in such sloppy kisses that he licked her lipstick, she laughed.

As luxurious as Gunther’s life may seem, he still has dramas and struggles like everyone else. Back in Italy, Riccitelli has two other dogs who live with Gunther, his favorite playmates.

But she also has six cats and a few chickens.

Let’s just say it’s a work in progress, Riccitelli said.

“He’s still learning to be with six cats.

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