Madhuri Dixit, Sanjay Kapoor and the Ensemble Deliver Perfect Family Drama

The Fame Game is streaming on Netflix


  • Movie name:The fame game
  • Rating of critics: 3.5 / 5
  • Release date: February 25, 2022
  • Director: Bejoy Nambiar and Karishma Kohli
  • Kind: Drama

The Fame game on Netflix takes the dysfunctional family trope and packs it with suspense and drama, making for an enjoyable and binge-worthy series. Madhuri Dixit stars as Bollywood heroine Anamika Anand whose disappearance has caused a stir inside and outside the film industry. Even though the search for fame is established as the story’s main hook, through non-linear storytelling, the show unravels the Anand family’s dark secrets that lurk in plain sight. Amid cameras flashing on the red carpet and fans waiting to take pictures with them, the Anands are tight-knit but behind closed doors the masks are falling.

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Nikhil More (Sanjay Kapoor) is shooting for his next film Hasrat with Anamika, his wife, and Manish Khanna (Manav Kaul) in the lead roles. However, a few days before its release, Anamika disappears under unexplained circumstances. The police begin their investigation and in the next episodes we discover the life of a Bollywood star behind the luminous arcs.

Here, Anamika is a victim of domestic violence at the hands of her husband. Her mother, played by a brilliant Suhasini Mulay, keeps her in check and dictates the petty and important decisions in her life. Anamika’s two children, Amara (Muskkaan Jaferi) and Avinash (Lakshvir Singh Saran), continue to call for trouble. In her work, Anamika fights against young actresses and future actresses in the industry and strives to maintain her fame. We witness several professional and personal aspects of a celebrity’s life that explain their emotional ups and downs. Madhuri Dixit, making her web debut with The Fame Game, does full justice to the varying shades of her character. At first, she seems shy, but as she begins to break free from the shackles, we see a fierce and fearless Anamika. Madhuri gets all the correct marks in her portrayal of a woman under siege.

Moreover, Sanjay Kapoor as Nikhil also did a great job of portraying the insecure man who lives under the shadow of his superstar wife. His scenes with Madhuri have a palpable sense of tension and as unpredictable as he is, Sanjay sets the right mood and tone for Nikhil. Manav like Manish is revealed to be bipolar. At the start of the show, you might wonder why he behaves a certain way. As his diagnosis is revealed, we realize how tactfully he put himself in the shoes of his role.

The Fame Game does a good job of setting up and delivering confrontational scenes. The overflowing tension only releases at key moments and you are unprepared for what might happen next. By keeping the cards close to the chest, the show’s creators manage to deliver thrills in good proportions throughout the eight-episode series. One aspect that doesn’t sit well with it is the wordy dialogue game. Some scenes are too invested in explaining the emotions of the characters with unnecessary words. This hammering of information can bore you.

The Fame Game is a family show. He does not get involved in justifying the themes but addresses them and ensures that they lead to a logical conclusion. The vibe and family tone of an isolated star run deep, and what emerges is a satisfying family thriller worthy of binge-watching. Netflix may have a dormant hit on its hands.

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