‘Lucifer’ stars Tom Ellis and Lauren German on ‘Heartbreaking’ Deckerstar Twist, Reunion Movie Possibilities

(Disclaimer: This article contains huge spoilers for the “Lucifer” series finale.)

Just when it looked like Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) and Chloe Decker (Lauren German) would get their well-deserved happy ending after saving the life of their time-traveling half-angel adult daughter Rory (Brianna Hildebrand), the family reunited had to leave and finally understand why Lucifer abandoned his daughter in the future: to become the good ruler of hell that he was always meant to be, to turn into a devil who does not punish, but works to help the damned to solve their problems and go to heaven.

Lucifer is very reluctant to leave, knowing that he will miss Rory’s childhood and the rest of Chloe’s human life, Rory once again going through all the traumas she has already experienced once in the future, unable to know why her. father left her. But the Devil agrees to come back down as Rory begs him to do so, telling Lucifer and Chloe that she doesn’t want them to change a thing they did to lead them to this moment, because she doesn’t want her- even change in any way, and knows that she will be with them, like that, another day.

In the final moments of the series, we see Chloe living out her days here on Earth with her daughters Trixie (Scarlett Estevez) and Rory, growing old and dying in front of Rory, and arriving in front of Lucifer’s therapist-type office – modeled after Dr. Linda (Rachael Harris) – where he sees patients in hell.

It’s a “heartbreaking” trip for Deckerstar, but one that both German and Ellis believe is necessary.

“It is. It’s heartbreaking. And also what to do,” German told TheWrap. “I think even though the audience is watching, if it wasn’t like that, it doesn’t make the ending very, very gratifying, isn’t it? So knowing that they both did the right thing, more or less, did the right thing for Rory. Chloe has stayed and is a mom and Lucifer brings this new together. trip, this new purpose he has. It’s heartbreaking. But like Tom says, it’s bittersweet and you get the sweet, in the end. But I think it was super smart, I think that’s how it should have been.

Ellis added, “We didn’t want to do an ending to show where the audience has their cake and eats it, then had more cake, then more cake after that. It didn’t feel right to me. I feel like it’s not a true reflection of what this show has been like, or a true reflection of what we’re maybe trying to say at the end. And I think having that sacrifice made at the end, understanding that sacrifice, that Rory and Lucifer really understand why they haven’t spent their lives together, was the most important thing. Because once they understood that, they were able to accept it and then everything else fell into place.

He continued, “But not knowing is the worst. And so them a bit like finding that in the season was the satisfaction that was needed. But I feel like it was important that Lucifer made some sort of sacrifice at the end of the series. Because, yeah, you’re talking about Chloe’s human life, but as a member of the audience and as characters we know now – Chloe knows there is life after death, she knows Lucifer is immortal. . So, there is only one person who is going to lose in this situation if they didn’t know there was an afterlife, and that is Chloe. And now it’s like, ‘Wait, we can plan for later.’ But what we would get our audience to believe is not think about it, we want to think about the here and now. So they didn’t live happily ever after – but they did, because they could. “

So what does “happily ever after” look like for these two in hell? Will we hear the wedding bells ringing for the couple who never got married on Earth?

“I don’t know, what do you think, Tom? Do you think we have one? German asked his co-star.

“Oh sure, and Vincent Le Dude is one of the bridesmaids,” Ellis said, referring to Robert Benedict’s villainous character that Lucifer is currently trying to help become a better man in Hell.

German added: “And Colman Domingo [who played Father Frank Lawrence] come back and officiate.

As to whether or not German and Ellis plan to reprise those roles for more of “Lucifer” – the show that has been canceled and relaunched a miraculous number of times – at some point in the future, German comes up with a way she thinks. that it might work.

“My fantasy is that we shoot a ‘Lucifer’ movie, but in the style of ‘Naked Gun’ and ‘Airplane!’ So if we could ask the fans if they are okay with a “Naked Gun” / “Airplane” style “Lucifer” movie? (Laughs)“Said the German.” But no, I mean, Tom says it so well, how do you say it, muffin? It’s a good time to say goodbye.

“This seems like the right time,” Ellis said. “Never say never, and all of those things, but it feels like this incarnation of these characters in this show, it feels like a good time to end.” Will we one day take over these roles? I do not know. I do not know. But at least the movie looks fun going forward! “

German added: “It would be a riot!

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