Local author publishes latest book in ‘First Light’ series

LONGMEADOW – On June 27, novelist/editor Linda Cardillo will release “A Place of Refuge,” the fourth book in her “First Light” series, a family saga that begins at the start of World War II on Martha’s Chappaquiddick Island. Vineyard.

Cardillo is an award-winning author who has built a loyal following through her works of fiction with the novels ‘Dancing on Sunday Afternoons’, ‘Across the Table’, ‘The Boat House Café’, ‘The Uneven Road’, ‘Island legacy”. and “Love that Moves the Sun”; the novels “Catríona’s Vow”, “True Harvest” and “A Daughter’s Journey”; the “Italian Tales” short story collection which was a number one new release on Amazon, and the illustrated children’s book “The Smallest Christmas Tree”. She is also the co-founder of Bellastoria Press, an independent hybrid publishing house that partners with authors to produce, distribute and promote compelling and beautiful stories.

Cardillo’s latest novel is the story of Izzy (Isabella) the daughter of Mae Keaney and Tobias Monroe.

In “A Place of Refuge,” Cardillo takes readers back to 1971, when Izzy was a young woman who had just graduated from college. At the very beginning, she is seriously injured in a near-fatal car accident where she suffers brain damage and her short-term memory is damaged. The story is about Izzy’s recovery and rediscovery, what happens to her in this near death experience, and how she comes to understand the gift of life she has.

This story has special meaning for Cardillo, as she was injured in a near-fatal car accident and wrote the book to capitalize on her own growth because of that experience.

“The seed of this story is my own near-death experience,” Cardillo explained. “I wanted to explore what happens to someone who comes back from an experience like that and comes back changed.”

Cardillo introduces a new set of characters, the Richetelli family, who influence and impact Izzy as she comes to that moment of who she is after the accident. Izzy leaves the island of Chappaquiddick and goes to work on a farm in Italy owned by Raffaello Richetelli, the grandfather of her college roommate Maria. There is also Linda, Maria’s cousin who is the manager of the farm, and Daniel, Linda’s brother, a Jesuit priest who comes to the farm for the summer. These characters form a circle around Izzy and with whom she has different overlapping and connecting relationships.

The role of family is always a common thread in all of Cardillo’s books describing the challenges and rewards of these relationships, which she calls the entanglement and embrace of family. What Cardillo said she tries to present is that despite sometimes rocky family relationships, love can bind us together.

She said Reminder publication one of the things she thinks people will appreciate about her work is her exploration of relationships. All Cardillo characters have families and they interact with each other. Whether it’s the relationships between parents and their children, siblings and friends, they add a layer of depth to the love story that is at the center of his books. “We neither live nor love in isolation. We’re part of a community and that’s definitely one of the things my readers look for in my books,” Cardillo added. “I like to entertain people with my stories. What I try to do with all my books is to explore our human capacity for resilience and our ability to face difficult situations with a certain amount of courage and gratitude.

Although Izzy’s challenges are significant and her struggles are intense, Cardillo said there is hope in her story.

“A Place of Refuge” will be available online on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and Apple. It will also be available in hard copy and as an eBook. In addition, any physical bookstore can order it through their system. Cardillo has scheduled three book readings: June 27 at the Storrs Library in Longmeadow at 6:30 p.m., June 29 at the Enfield Public Library at 6:30 p.m., and July 20 at the Longmeadow Adult Center at 1:30 p.m. For more information, visit www.lindacardillo.com.

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