Kylian Mbappé stays with club changes football going forward

For almost a year since Lionel Messi opted to sign with Paris Saint-Germain in August, questions have been swirling about Kylian Mbappé’s future with the club.

It seemed pretty clear that his future was going to be with Real Madrid with the club chasing him last summer. They had made a legitimate run to him and things actually seemed close at one point.

But now we are there. Mbappé is not going anywhere. World football’s most incredible young talent has signed a new contract with PSG which will keep him with the club until 2025, after Fabrice Romano.

It’s a big problem. It completely upsets the balance of power in football. I know it sounds weird since he’s staying, but it makes sense.

Follow me real quick on this.

No. And they’ve been trying to catch the 23-year-old phenom for years at this point.

They made him transfer offers last year but nothing materialized. They even increased their offer to PSG last year. But, alas, they did not bite and Mbappé had to play his contract with PSG.

That contract expired later this year and Mbappé was expected to leave for Real after it ended. Athleticism even reported that they had already agreed to personal terms.

But PSG simply did not let it go.

They just threw Mbappé a huge bag. We don’t know the exact terms of the contract, but we know there must have been a lot of money. That’s what PSG does.

It was enough money for La Liga president Javier Tebas to react like that.

Real Madrid’s offer to Mbappé would have made him the highest-paid player in the club’s history. It included a signing bonus of $140 million and an annual salary of $26 million, according to The New York Times.

Mbappé therefore had to get an offer that somehow beat those numbers. Apparently, PSG invented it. According to the Times, it was a similar deal but with a higher annual salary.

It all starts with the organization that finances the club.

Qatar Sports Investments is a public shareholding company owned by Qatar. They have money for gas and oil which usually lasts extremely long. They take that money and invest it in things like sports, entertainment, and construction. They also have massive deals with Nike, Jordan Brand, and other entities.

Of course, this comes with a caveat. Qatar has long been accused of ‘sportswashing’, i.e. what happens when a state covers up human rights abuses and harm to its people through the positive public relations of sports clubs and events in which it invests. Here are some examples from The Guardian.

“Dozens of migrant workers have died during the construction of World Cup stadiums in particular, and more than 100 migrants employed on a construction site linked to the event have gone up to seven months without pay. Most of the employees were eventually compensated, although some still have several months of salary missing.

Yeah, not well.

Yeah. They throw all the money into their football team, organize the World Cup and no one talks about the other problems that come with it.

That’s why they’re so willing to give Mbappé such a big sack when they’ve already paid more than 600 euros in salary, as Tebas pointed out in the tweet above.

He does it in a major way. Again, Mbappe is one of the best talents available on the pitch.

The French superstar going to Real Madrid would have almost secured the club as favorites for the UEFA Champions Cup every year. They haven’t been to the final since 2017-18 and Mbappé could have gotten them there.

But now? Paris Saint-Germain have three of the best players in the world in Mbappé, Messi and Neymar Jr. PSG have had many failures in the Champions League over the years, but with the talent of their squad there are some very good chance they break it. spell very soon.

Mbappé is only 23, after all. His best years are ahead of him. And, at least for the next 3, PSG will play those years in their kit.

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