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Ken Spurgeon joins Fort Hays State as guest speaker and presenter for the Fort Hays Historic Presentation at the Fort Saturday afternoon at 2.

Spurgeon is a historian, teacher and associate producer/director at Fall River Productions. The film company focuses on historically themed projects and is currently working on the highly anticipated film The Contested Plains.

The docu-fiction focuses on historical events of the 19th century American West set in Kansas and Texas. Filming in Wichita and Logan County is underway, produced by the White Deer Land Museum Foundation in partnership with Fall River Productions.

This docu-drama is based on historical events in the 19th century American West and is filming in Kansas and Texas. Production took place throughout Wichita and Logan County. The project is produced by the White Deer Land Museum Foundation, Pampa, TX and Fall River Productions, Wichita, KS. The expected release date is summer 2022.

The Contested Plains tells the story of John and Liddia German who traveled out of Georgia with their seven children in 1870. Survivors of the Sand Creek Massacre and the attack on Washita, untold tragedy follows the family as they s adventure along the Smoky Hill Trail west to Colorado. The heart of the story takes place twenty miles east of Fort Wallace in August 1874.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, an intensive search for the four surviving German girls made headlines across the country and made native leaders and military officers household names.

Spurgeon worked alongside Deb Goodrich to direct stars Buck Taylor (Yellowstone, Gunsmoke), Darby Hinton (Israel Boone, The Daniel Boone Show), Mary McDonough (Erin Walton, The Waltons) and RW Hampton (Western Entertainer).

Taylor takes on the role of Rufus Brown, a Missouri farmer and uncle of John German, who tries to persuade his nephew not to travel west. Marla Matkin, from Fort Hays, stars as Ruth Brown, wife of Rufus Brown. Spurgeon will lead a

Spurgeon will lead a presentation that will guide his audience through the history of the film as well as behind the scenes of the production of such a historic event. Entrants are encouraged to view The Contested Plains trailer on their Facebook page.

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