Keira Knightley tells the animated story of a German Jewish painter during World War II

How to transmit a life story? For most, the answer would be an autobiography or a biopic. Charlotte Solomon chose a different path by using painting to portray the love, loss and pain that surrounds him. Directors Eric Warin and At Tahir Rana’s Animation Film, “Charlottedraws on a cast of respected performers to bring this complex tale to life. Keira Knightley expresses the central character, with Jim Broadbent, Brenda Blethyn, Sam Clafin, Eddie Marsan, Helen McCrory, Sophie Okonedoand strong brand complete the cast.

The official synopsis of the film:

“Charlotte” is an animated drama that tells the true story of Charlotte Salomon, a young German-Jewish painter who comes of age in Berlin on the eve of World War II. Fiercely imaginative and deeply gifted, she dreams of becoming an artist. Her first love applauds her talent, which emboldens her resolve. But the world around her changes rapidly and dangerously, limiting her options and derailing her dream. When anti-Semitic policies inspire violent mobs, she leaves Berlin for the safety of southern France. There, she starts painting again and finds a new love. But his work is interrupted, this time by a family tragedy that reveals an even darker secret. Believing that only the extraordinary will save her, she embarks on the monumental adventure of painting the story of her life.

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A young woman’s life is shaped by art and tragedy in “Charlotte.” The film goes with a staggered release schedule that includes major markets. It opens at Quad Cinema in New York and Laemmle Royal in Los Angeles and Laemmle Playhouse 7 in Pasadena on April 22. Soon after, the project expands to San Francisco/Berkeley, Atlanta, Boston/Arlington, Columbus, Irvine and Phoenix in April. 29. Seattle and Winston-Salem are also set to launch “Charlotte” on May 6. Other cities in the United States and Canada will be announced. Take a first look at the trailer below.

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