Jodie Comer Drama Movie Reveals Release Date On Acorn TV

The Rose d’Or award-winning drama film To help received an official release date on Acorn TV, coming to the streamer in January. Heartbreaking Feature That Will Focus Its Focus On How Healthcare Was Treated During Pandemic Features Emmy Winner Jodie comer (Kill Eve, The last duel), Stephen graham (Northern water, Course of action), and Lesley Sharp (Scott & Bailey, Three girls).

The author of the film, winner of the BAFTA Jack Thorne (Enola Holmes, Its dark materials) issued a statement accompanying the announcement of the premiere, commenting that the article was “written with extreme anger about the state of care – not just in the UK but around the world – and the lack of priority which was granted to him in the world “. Thorne adds that the film was “also written as a love song, for the care industry my mother was a caregiver and I saw with my own eyes the beautiful effort she put into her care. ‘take care of its customers and residents “.

To help is under the direction of The third day and The secret garden director, Marc Munden, who also served as an executive producer alongside Thorne, Graham, Comer, Beth willis (Doctor Who, Eric & Ernie), Georges faber (Collateral, The White Queen), and Christophe Moll (Lady Macbeth, Apostasy). The film was produced by Forge Productions who worked with One Shoe Films and the Liverpool Film Office for Channel 4 Television.

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An AMC-owned network, Acorn TV prides itself on being the largest streaming service in North America with a focus on UK and international shows. Currently, the network hosts titles such as My life is murder what stars Lucy Lawless, Emmy nominated Queens of mystery, and Dead water has fallen featuring David tennant and Giant pillow.


To verify To helpthe synopsis from below, and watch it on Acorn TV on Jan.31 to see the selfless, deep story Thorne threw his heart into.

Sarah (Comer) has few qualifications and life prospects, but unexpectedly regains confidence working as a nursing aide in a nursing home. She has a special talent for caring for residents; especially Tony (Graham), who is only 47 years old but suffers from early onset dementia which causes him moments of confusion and aggression that other staff members find it difficult to cope with. They are starting to forge a real bond, but everything Sarah has earned is called into question with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Sarah and her colleagues have to fight tooth and nail, ill-equipped, and badly led by an overworked manager (Ian Hart, Terror, The last kingdom) to try to protect the inhabitants. Faced with the grim and imminent reality of Tony’s loss, Sarah may have to take extreme measures to save her friend.

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