James Dean’s best friend voiced a scene in ‘Giant’ after the actor’s tragic death

As the circle of life goes, planning is sometimes impossible. Every day people are faced with unexpected tragedies and unforeseen circumstances that could suddenly end everything.

Despite our perceptions, celebrities and movie stars are not bulletproof or an exception. Natalie Wood, River Phoenix and Heath Ledger were just a few Hollywood actors who died suddenly while actively working on movies. Among the list of tragedies involving talent was rising movie star James Dean.

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The details of James Dean’s tragic death

Dean had a reputation for running, and in the end, it seemed the star’s fast and furious ways got the better of him. Driving his Porsche which he affectionately nicknamed “Little Bastard” on September 30, 1955, Dean crashed the Little Bastard and died. Dean died aged 24 and the tragic news shocked Hollywood and the world.

James Dean’s best friend voiced a scene in ‘Giant’ after his tragic death

At the time of Dean’s death, he had just finished filming the film. Giantbut production was not yet complete.

In Ferber: Edna Ferber and her entourage, a biographyJulie Goldsmith Gilbert wrote about Giant writer Edna Ferber, and explained the unusual circumstance:

“Dean never finished his work on Giant. His on-camera scenes were in the box, but since one in particular was inaudible, he had to loop back — a post-production technique that involves dubbing in clarified dialogue to match the picture… Dean wasn’t available to do it for one of his key scenes. That was the banquet speech…George Stevens and William Hornbeck, the film’s editor, recruited Dean’s former roommate and best friend, a young actor named Nick Adams, to fill in the voice role of Jett Rink (the character of Dean).

While far from ideal, it was probably a significant touch to be able to find someone who was close to Dean to help finish the production and his part.

Focus on the career of Nick Adams

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Hailing from Pennsylvania, Nick Adams’ path to stardom was unique. The actor’s first role came in the 1952 film someone loves me. In his early acting days, Adams admitted to having trouble finding consistent opportunities.

To help build momentum, he joined an acting workshop run by Arthur Kennedy, but in 1952 Adams enlisted in the Coast Guard. Ironically, this led to his role in 1955 in Mr Roberts. With the help of his agent, at the age of 23, Warner Brothers offered him a contract.

The actor had a small role in the 1955 film rebel without a cause. Curiously, in 1959 he was cast in a recurring role on a television show called The rebel.

Throughout the 1960s, Adams continued to land role after role. Young Dillinger and The killer bottle were two films he appeared in during this time. However, unfortunately, like his good friend Dean, Adams’ life was also cut short.

In February 1968, Adams was found dead in his Beverly Hills home. Sadly, a lot of mystery and unanswered questions still surround the star’s death. The autopsy listed Adams’ cause of death as a combination of “paraldehyde and promazine poisoning.”

Information surrounding these drugs and warnings about their interactions were not as widespread as they are today. That being said, on Adams’ death certificate there was also a note that read “undetermined suicide accident”. The exact cause of his death is still a mystery. Some of Adams’ relatives have even speculated about the possibility of murder, according to HuffPost.

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