It was the dream love story of Ricky Martin and Rebecca de Alba

Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin 50 years has become one of the most recognized artists in the world. He is currently on tour in Latin America and his latest song called “Another night in LA” is creating a buzz, but he will soon be returning home to enjoy his family.

Right now Ricky Martin He is married to Swedish artist Jwan Yosef and together they are raising four children, but two decades ago the singer’s reality was different. The ‘Pegate’ hitmaker had a seven-year relationship with famed Mexican presenter Rebecca de Alba.

The truth is that shortly after ending her relationship with Rebecca d’AlbaRicky Martin whitewashed his sexual orientation towards men to the press and everyone started asking the blonde if she knew about it yet, but she remained silent and it wasn’t until many years later that she commented on certain intimacies of the couple.

Rebecca d’Albe. Source: Instagram @dealbarebecca

In an interview with Yordi Rosado, Rebecca de Alba commented on how she fell in love with Ricky Martin and said: “We fell in love being friends. We had been friends for a long time. We met in life and it was like, ‘oh, how are you? How are you?’ You keep talking, you stay another day, and suddenly you do everything together. It was such a beautiful thing. We were really good friends, and from there, we fell in love and that’s it. just arrived.”

Ricky Martin and Rebecca de Alba. Source: Twitter @ShowmundialShow

Finally, he clarified the doubts and Rebecca d’Alba assured: “After hanging out and some time passed and we were still friends, one day we spoke. So when he came out and said he was gay, it didn’t surprise me. I already knew that. And sometimes I think, and what does it matter if he knows it or not? And what does it matter if it turns out that you fall madly in love with someone who has a different sexual preference, but who is faithful and who respects you? And what if a person is homosexual? what is worth it is what it is made of, what it gives you, what it gives you, the value of your life “.

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