Inventing Anna: Major update after real life Anna Delvey was reportedly deported to Germany

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Invent Anna is the show everyone’s talking about on Netflix – and has left us all googling where Anna Delvey’s real life is. While she was released from prison in 2021, she was taken into custody at a US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Center shortly thereafter due to her visa expiring – and it was recently reported that she had been deported to her native Germany.

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However, following the reports, a statement was released giving an update on Anna’s status. An ICE spokesperson told Fox News: “In November 2021, the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) granted Sorokin’s application for emergency stay; she remains in ICE custody pending deportation.”

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Anna’s lawyer Manny Arora previously revealed to Initiated that Anna could be deported as early as March 17 after losing her appeal to stay in the United States, saying, “Legally, they shouldn’t be able to deport him until at least the 17th. But it’s ICE, and there are a lot of documents in his case, so you never know if there was a mistake paperwork. In the end, they can do whatever they want.”


Anna faces deportation to Germany

Anna opened up about her time at the ICE facility in an essay to Insider, writing, “My visa overstay was involuntary and largely out of my control. I have served my prison term, but am appealing my criminal conviction to clear my name. I did not violate any New York State or ICE parole rules. Despite all of this, I have yet to receive a clear and fair path to compliance.

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“Did I mention I’m the only female ICE detainee in this whole prison?” Tell me I’m special without telling me I’m special.

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