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The following contains spoilers for The offernow streaming on Paramount+.

The Godfather is always in the conversation when it comes to the best movies of all time. However, The offer on Paramount+ will further enhance viewers’ enjoyment of the film. The limited series follows the making of this iconic film, featuring dramatic portrayals of real-life characters like Francis Ford Coppola, Mario Puzo, and famed Hollywood producer Robert Evans.

While most people accept that The Godfather is a well-made movie, it’s not a universally loved story. Some Italian Americans sincerely believe that “mob stories” perpetuate harmful stereotypes. Others believe that the mythical nature of the film elevates the cowardly criminals to a status of honor and respect that does not adequately reflect reality. The offer explores these same questions. Although produced by Paramount, which is itself a kind of “character” in the series, The offer does not gloss over some ugly truths behind the making of the film. For example, producer Albert S. Ruddy became real friends with mobster Joe Colombo…even though Colombo was a vicious killer.

Ruddy, played by Miles Teller – who is currently enjoying the success of Top Gun: Maverick – is shown ahead of winning Colombo, played gloriously by Giovanni Ribisi. Colombo is an interesting figure in gangster history, who ended up sparing the lives of mob bosses to rise to the top of his family. He also launched the Italian-American Civil Rights League, which initially protested The Godfather but, through the friendship he developed with Ruddy, he came to openly support the film. Ruddy held a special screening for the gangsters and their families ahead of the film’s premiere, which is discussed in The offer when Juno Temple’s Betty McCartt steals the movie from the lot to have it flown to New York without the studio’s blessing.

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The Godfather tells the story of the mob in an America that was not as welcoming to its immigrants as promised. Dan Fogler (better known as Jacob Kowalski from the hole-laden plot Fantastic Beasts 3) plays Francis Coppola and explains how The Godfather is “about capitalism”. The offer exposes not only the issues the production faced with the mob, but also the issues they faced with attorneys for Paramount’s parent company, Gulf & Western. Colin Hanks plays Barry Lapidus, an amalgamation of everyone who was opposed to taking the risk of making the movie. Because at the time, The Godfather was a big risk.

Matthew Goode plays a Robert Evans who has viewers yearning for a second season just to get more Kid Notorious. Under his leadership, Paramount went from being the lowest-paying studio to the most profitable in just a few years. Evans was an executive who cared about the art of cinema, believing that quality would translate into box office success. The struggles between him, Ruddy, and Gulf & Western make up the majority of the tension and drama in The offer. Someone watching this show might find themselves hoping for the movie to get made. It’s easy to forget that this is a dramatization of film history, because The offer does such a great job with its story and characters – even though it’s not a documentary.

The offer takes some liberties with the facts to tell his story. In the finale, Ruddy’s encounter with a young man mirrors how he got his job at Paramount. While the character of the young man is fictional, the scene is a cinematic depiction of how Ruddy later mentored other young producers. Dates and times don’t always line up perfectly because things are juxtaposed for drama. And the perspective of the series is almost entirely Ruddy’s. For example, Evans claims that he defended the longest cut in the film, while The offer shows that it was all filmmakers against the fictional character of Lapidus.

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But The offer contains all the hits of Godfather traditions. Fans can see the camera test Marlon Brando did to become Vito Corleone. The series depicts how the filmmakers got the real horse’s head for the iconic scene (as earlier in the series, Evans finds a bloody rat left in his bed). It dramatizes how the Colombo men rocked the production and how these vicious men forced their way into the hearts of the producers. The offerThe story of the making of this film mirrors the story told in The Godfatherbut no one the audience cares about dies on the show.

what people think The Godfather is a classic or overrated dreck who worships criminals and perpetuates stereotypes, there’s something about it The offer to like. It tells how a group of strange artists came together to make the greatest film of its time. Watch this series reframe The Godfather as a project that had everything against it and which succeeded where it should not have. It paints the making of a film as an act of revolution – and it’s more than worth watching on repeat now that it’s finished.

The offer and sponsor are currently available on Paramount+.

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