How The Dark Knight Rises Sets A New Bar For Dark Superhero Movies

by Christophe Nolan The black Knight The film series showcased the darker elements of Batman’s image, adding context to his origin story in ways that hadn’t been explored in previous live-action superhero movies. The dark knight rises took this element to the next level by bringing the masked hero to his absolute breaking point and rebuilding him into a stronger hero. Bruce Wayne had come to a point in the series where he was lost in grief, but Bane proved that Bruce could lose more when he broke his back and left him in an underground prison.

Christian Bale starred in The black Knight series like Bruce Wayne by day and Batman by night. At the beginning of The dark knight rises, he is distraught over all he has lost and is a recluse, no longer managing Wayne Enterprises as he should. Bane plans an attack on the Gotham Stock Exchange, and the results leave Bruce completely bankrupt. This serves as motivation to push the dark hero to train again, and he only approaches Bane when he considers himself ready eight years later. Unfortunately, he hadn’t anticipated the crippling results of the fight.

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Bane was waiting for Batman to appear, and he quickly defeated him, badly injuring him in the process. Bruce officially lost everything at that point, hitting rock bottom in the most dramatic way. He had lost his parents, his love, his money and now his freedom. His reality was incredibly dark and unlike anything seen before in superhero movies. The determination of the dark hero was showcased like never before, and Bruce emerged from prison to regain his dignity once and for all. The film’s story was memorable, and many other superhero movies took a page from Nolan’s book to expand on darker superhero stories.

Zack Snyder and Ben Affleck collaborated on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which featured a darker version of the hero. Critics didn’t respond well to this take on Batman as he was more sinister than necessary, drowning out the potentially intriguing storyline presented in the film. Batman also crossed the line by committing murder, an act taboo for cinematic portrayals of the character. The dark, gritty tone continued in Matt Reeves The Batmanreleased in 2022.

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The Batman came a decade later The dark knight risesand the film’s themes strongly aligned with the darker tones of The black Knight series and batman versus superman. The 2022 film received a similar Rotten Tomatoes score to Nolan’s project, attributing its success to the film’s dark, gritty, and super-black elements. In The dark knight rises, audiences have rooted for Batman’s recovery, so he can reclaim his power after he was stripped by Bane’s insensitivity. In The Batmanviewers feared for the hero’s enemies as he sought revenge without mercy but always without crossing that line like the Snyder movie did.

Without the darkness of The dark knight rises, those other Batman movies might not have been inspired to take the hero to such an extreme place. The franchise proved that audiences wanted a complex version of Bruce Wayne who could inspire growth in even the darkest of times. The Batman pushed the hero deeper into darkness by adding an extra layer of angst, but it was necessary based on this version’s timeline of life events. Affleck’s version in batman versus superman was supposed to take place later in his life, indicating that he would have had some level of wisdom that has not been properly described.

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