Glisk of the Federation signs author Ivar Leon Menger and adapts three thrillers | News

Federation-backed German production company Glisk, founded by RTL alumnus Philipp Steffens, has struck an exclusive deal with crime and thriller author Ivar Leon Menger.

Ivar Leon Menger

The deal will see Glisk collaborate with Menger and his team on three initial projects: two audiobook series, Ghostbox and Monster 1983, which are being adapted into TV series; and her upcoming debut novel When the Strangers Came, which is currently being developed and adapted for the screen.

Ghostbox tells the story of young Berlin journalist Lena Gruenwald, who wants to solve the mysterious suicide of her brother. Monster 1983 is set in the small coastal town of Harmony Bay, Oregon, where in the summer of 1983 a series of mysterious events unfold, including the disappearance of a Russian spy, which leads to the new sheriff to believe that a serial killer is on the loose.

Launched in August, When the Strangers Came follows two children who live in near complete isolation with their parents in a lakeside cabin on a small island, where they live in constant fear of ‘strangers’ out for revenge. of their father for testifying against one of them many years ago. When the Strangers Came recently sold at a 10 auction with a two-pound, six-figure deal.

Glisk, which will produce both scripted and unscripted content, was founded by Steffens and his wife, Julie Link, in January.

Steffens was previously head of fiction at German broadcaster RTL, commanding shows such as hit drama Deutschland 83 during his tenure, while Link’s producer credits include Catfish: The TV Show and Police Women of Dallas.

The case was handled by Sebastian Möllmann of Möllmann Bießmann Rechtsanwälte and Marc Koralnik of Liepman AG Literary Agency, as well as Matthias Braun of Studio Legal.

Link and Steffens said in a statement, “We believe in shining a light on talent and investing in long-term relationships with creatives, so we’re delighted that such a critically acclaimed writer has entrusted us with the development and creation of scripted adaptations of his famous audiobooks as well as his new novel which is not yet released.

“One of our goals as a company is to introduce German concepts and talent to a global audience, so we hope this is just the start of an ongoing collaboration with Ivar, as we have great projects to develop its brand.”

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