German model Verina attends Sir Daniel Winn’s unveiling of his new work at the Asian World Film Festival on Rodeo Dr.

Sir Daniel Winn and Verina Marcel

German model Verina attends the unveiling of her new work by master sculptor Sir Daniel Winn at the Asian World Film Festival on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, CA

BEVERLY HILLS, CA, USA, June 22, 2021 / – On June 19, 2021, German model Verina attends master sculptor Sir Daniel Winn’s unveiling of her new work at the Asian World Film Festival on Rodeo Drive in the beautiful Beverly Hills, California. Verina Marcel has graced numerous covers and editorials for magazines such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Official Fashion L, Harpers Bazaar, Elle, and continues to collaborate with her team which includes fashion designer LLOYD KLEIN who has dressed many Hollywood celebrities. . years.

Verina was impressed by Sir Daniel Winn’s incredible detailed sculptors and found them inspiring for her own fashion efforts. Her passion for fashion prompted her to start working on her own clothing line, VERINA – and she is sure to find as much success in this business as she has found in all of her others. To create the line, Marcel collaborates with longtime fashion designer Lloyd Klein, who has dressed countless Hollywood celebrities over the years and has also collaborated with Givenchy and Madame Grés. VERINA will contain a compact collection of dresses that are sure to become everyday essentials for all women.

With VERINA, every woman will have the chance to tell her own story, no matter the day, the week, the weather or the mood. Her line can only be described as feminine, strong and empowering – words that Marcel herself embodies and clearly encompasses in all of her work. She targets the market with female celebrities who also demonstrate these qualities. Marcel has already made his mark in the fashion industry in more than one way – a simple scroll on his website could tell you that. However, there is so much more to come for this fashion icon, and it all starts with VERINA.

As Verina continues to build her name in the industry, her priority is to uphold her social responsibility as an entrepreneur by celebrating and empowering women through her clothing. As an active animal rights philanthropist, she is extremely dedicated to continually giving back to the environment. As such, it will donate 5% of its profits to Wild Aid an Animal Rights (

The ‘VERINA’ collection will quickly start to include your favorite wardrobe pieces, making it the line we’ve all been waiting for.

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