German luxury hotel and spa installs over 180 Philips Professional TVs

Strandhotel Georgshöhe – one of Germany’s top spa resorts – offers “extensive entertainment” services in all rooms

Posted: March 31, 2022 ⋅ Updated: April 6, 2022

PPDS has announced that its market-leading range of Philips MediaSuite professional televisions have been selected and installed in all 130 bedrooms of one of Europe’s leading luxury spa and wellness centres. A total of 183 Philips MediaSuite 4K UHD TVs (32-50 inches) have been installed throughout the resort, providing guests with a full suite of linear and non-linear entertainment offerings.

The four-star Strandhotel Georgshöhe – located off Germany’s northern coast on the picturesque East Frisian island of Norderney – is a popular seaside destination with a variety of award-winning and internationally recognized health and wellness facilities . The hotel owners turned to Hamburg-based AV integration specialist PPDS Gold Partner, AVARA AG, to identify and install a TV solution that would deliver a “premium home-like experience” in guest rooms and throughout the 4,000 square meter complex.

“While not the primary purpose of vacations, the role of television has become a key part of the hotel experience, especially at the end of a day when people just want to relax and unwind. relax,” said Elke Winkler, key account manager for Hospitality TV at PPDS. “This is where the quality of that experience can make the difference between a four and five star review. Just check Trip Advisor to see what I mean.

“Viewing habits have changed significantly in recent years, with many people now preferring to access their content via popular streaming services, such as Netflix – uniquely integrated into Philips MediaSuite TVs – which has over 221 million viewers. It is therefore essential that hotels like the Strandhotel Georgshöhe are able to match these preferred experiences, whether through Chromecast or dedicated or integrated apps, while accommodating those who prefer a traditional television program. With Philips MediaSuite, customers get the best of all worlds, for the perfect TV experience just like at home.”

Jeroen Verhaeghe, International Business Manager Professional Television at PPDS, added, “Room hygiene has never been more important or scrutinized by hotel guests and never more challenging for hoteliers. The TV remote is historically one of the dirtiest and most used items found in hotel rooms, coming into contact with potentially thousands of hands in its lifetime. They are also traditionally one of the most difficult to clean. For this reason, we have introduced GuestConnect, providing that little extra level of control and peace of mind for customers who want it, with the history and health of those who have used their own device likely being limited to themselves and to their family.

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