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ROCKPORT – Rockport-born filmmaker David Wittkower is looking for help with his next feature film.

“I’m in the process of producing a new documentary about German submarines patrolling our waters,” Wittkower wrote on the Rockport Stuff Facebook page. “I am looking for help in locating anyone still alive who remembers seeing anything, from coast guards or fishermen who have dealt with submarines, to observers such as the Tower of Halibut Point. Over 400 ships have been sunk (by submarines off the Atlantic coast), many within sight of land. Any help would be appreciated. “

Wittkower’s latest feature film, “Dead in the Water” from 2018, showcased Gloucester’s fishing industry. Last month it won the Best Curatorial Film award at Connecticut’s Mystic Film Festival.

Wittkower told The Times he was still researching his submarine docufilm and had yet to start shooting any material. Now living in California, he hopes to connect with other Cape Ann sources when he visits Rockport during the holiday season.

“I watch (the submarines) a bit like the movie ‘Jaws’,” he said. “You haven’t seen him but you know he’s there and it scares everyone to come out of the water.”

In addition to stories, Wittkower is also looking for potential producers. Former Mayor John Bell and Gloucester Fishermen’s Wives Association President Angela Sanfilippo were the producers of “Dead in the Water,” which also won the Kodiak Award at the 2018 Alaska International Film Festival.

Wittkower can be contacted by sending an email to [email protected]

Michael Cronin can be contacted at 978-675-2708 or [email protected]

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