Fall Guys’ move to free-to-play breathes new life into gaming on Twitch

After two years, fall guys made a resurgence as a form of live entertainment following the game’s switch to free-to-play in late June, posting its highest viewership on Twitch since its release.

fall guys made waves over the summer of 2020, peaking in August when the game averaged over 150,000 viewers. Although it hasn’t quite regained its initial reception, the game has had a strong first few weeks as an FTP, averaging 77,680 viewers, according to Stats from Streams Charts.

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Since the game went free-to-play on June 21, the game is the fifth most-watched content on Twitch with 29.4 million hours watched, putting it ahead of games like CS: GO, Apex Legendsand Fortnite.

In addition to going FTP, fall guys‘ last month included quality of life changes as well as content updates. Not only did this allow the game to reach 20 million players in two days, but it also helped the game reach 50 million players in just a few weeks.

The top content creators playing the game vary widely, with the top ones being Spanish-speaking influencers. Meanwhile, six different languages ​​are represented in the top 10 content creators, making the game a veritable melting pot. Besides English and Spanish, the top 10 streamers include Korean, Italian, Portuguese, and German streams.

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XQc offers the only English language feed of top content creators, which shows just how global diversity fall guys is like a form of entertainment. He is fourth among creators playing the game on Twitch with just over 700,000 watch hours. Auronplay and Ibai are the top two with 1.55 million and 1.06 million hours watched respectively.

fall guys burst onto the streaming scene when it released in 2020, with an abundance of highly influential gamers trying it out. Perhaps the most memorable gaming moment of that summer came when TimTheTatman, who was still streaming on Twitch at the time, had an abysmal record playing the game, repeatedly failing to win.

His long, arduous journey culminated in an impressive average of over 91,000 viewers in August and September, peaking at a personal best of nearly 350,000 viewers when he finally won a match. The dramatic ups and downs of his story even led to an ESPN documentary detailing his first victory.

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